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Easy-to-Use, Open & Go Homeschool Resources

That Make Homeschooling Easier!

Oftentimes homeschool curriculum can be dull and boring – or WAY too teacher-intensive!

Some kids freeze up with worksheets and have trouble comprehending text.

This in turn can cause stress and tears – for both kids and parents.

It’s time to ditch the busy-work and lay aside the textbooks. Let us show you how to make homeschooling easier!

Easy-to-Use, Just Open & Go

No Planning or Prep-Work Makes Homeschooling EASIER!

No Teacher's Guides

Discover The Ease of Using Curriculum That Encourages Independent Study!

Notebook Companions™

Includes Open-Ended Questions to Encourage Written Narration, Drawing, Labeling & More

Unit Studies

Our Open & Go Unit Studies Include Text, Comprehension Questions, Written Narration & Answers

Homeschool curriculum Award 2023

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Popular Notebook Companions™

Our Notebook Companions™ follow along with great books and include open-ended question prompts for written narration, drawing, labeling, and more! Perfect for the creative kid who hates worksheets!

Julia Rothman Notebook Companion™ Series

Follow along with the topics in the Julia Rothman Collection using written narration, drawing, labeling, and more with our companion notebooking journals.

The Big Book Notebook Companion™ Series

Our Notebook Companions™ follow along with The Big Book Series and guide your kids through studying bugs, birds, mammals, the ocean, and flowers.

Master Books Notebook Companion™ Series

Using the books in Wonders of Creation Series, students will learn all about Creation through written narration, drawing, labeling, and more.

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About Our Notebook Companions™

Easy-to-Use, Open & Go Vocabulary

Daily Skill Building: Vocabulary is a full year vocabulary curriculum for grades 1-8. This simple, straight-forward approach to vocabulary building is easy to use and encourages independent study.

What People Say

About Our Vocabulary Curriculum


Perfect Vocabulary Score!

“My daughter had a perfect score in vocabulary on her standardized tests this year. I am owing that vocabulary score specifically to your curriculum she used this year! Her personal vocabulary has exploded in every day usage and it is obviously reflected in those scores – 100%!” – Lindsey Stomberg


I Love How It's One-Page a Day!

“I love the open-and-go. I love that it isn’t intense. I love how it is one page a day and not overwhelming to get my daughter to want to do it, instead of giving up before we even start, like she does if something looks like it will take too long.” – Susan M.


Straight to the point, simple, easily understood.

“I’ve been looking for spelling/vocabulary lessons that would fit my family. And I believe this is it!!! Straight to the point, simple, easily understood. My son has issues with independent work and this would be a beautiful way to get him into it!” – Sarah G.

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