Famous People Notebooks

Do you want your kids to learn about important people who made an impact on our lives today – whether through an invention, a discovery, or a famous work of art?

The Famous People Notebooks are shorter than a regular biography and written in a way that engages students.

They’re perfect for beefing up reading comprehension skills. Each notebook includes all the text in an easy-to-use, open & go format.

Ten Self-Contained Lessons Per Unit

The lessons are constructed in a simple format: short and informative text followed by open-ended comprehension questions (you can even do these orally!) and a space for written narration.

At the end of the study, your student will select his favorite famous person from each unit to study further with additional resources of his choice and then write a narration on the paper provided.

Lastly, there is a final review quiz for your student to complete (totally optional if you don’t do quizzes!).

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