Sounds of Nature Notebook Companion™ Series

Beginner Notebook Companions™ for grades K-3

Help your students not just read about animals of the world but enjoy hearing them, too! These Notebook Companions for the Sounds of Nature series introduce your kids to thirty habitats and more than 180 different animals.

From the forests of Germany to the Great Barrier Reef to the mangrove forests of India, your kids can discover animals that hoot, howl, hiss, growl, grunt, and more!

Each book in this series features ten habitats and more than sixty animals each. Each Notebook Companion™ gives your kids room to answer questions, write about what they’ve learned, and draw and sketch each animal. They can also enjoy more than 150 coloring pages featuring the habitats and some of the amazing animals they’ve discovered.

Come explore the oceans, forests, and skies with these three publisher-approved Notebook Companions™

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