Daily Skill Building: Spelling Grade 4 Companion 2nd Edition

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Are you looking for an easy way to teach spelling? Daily Skill Building: Spelling is a companion to Daily Skill Building: Vocabulary.

This resource weaves in a review of vocabulary terms for a complete, well-rounded word-usage curriculum. Your student will learn how to spell the vocabulary words AND their corresponding antonyms and synonyms.

230 pages | This is a digital only resource.

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Our spelling curriculum was created to work alongside Daily Skill Building: Vocabulary. Save $5 when you add Vocabulary (digital only) to your order.

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Daily Skill Building: Spelling Grade 4 Companion 2nd Edition

Note, this is not compatible with the Daily Skill Building: Vocabulary 1st Edition

Daily Skill Building: Spelling is a complete 36-week spelling curriculum created as a companion for our Daily Skill Building: Vocabulary Series.

Formatted for a 5-day schedule with printables for extra practice:

  • copywork
  • write & draw
  • alphabetization exercises
  • pretests
  • and more!

Daily Skill Building: Spelling will broaden both verbal and written skills—PLUS increase your student’s dictionary and thesaurus knowledge.

No need for a teacher’s guide. Just like our vocabulary curriculum, Daily Skill Building: Spelling is an easy to use, “open-and-go” resource.

NOTE: Daily Skill Building: Spelling is best used with Daily Skill Building: Vocabulary. However, if you want to use it as a stand-alone resource, we include instructions.

Daily Skill Building: Vocabulary – for grades 1-7

Are you looking for an independent, open-and-go curriculum that will enhance your student’s vocabulary?

Daily Skill Building: Vocabulary is a full year vocabulary curriculum for grades 1-7. This simple, straight-forward approach to vocabulary building is easy to use and encourages independent study.

Daily Skill Building: Spelling was created as a companion resource for Daily Skill Building: Vocabulary. It is highly recommended that you use Vocabulary alongside Spelling as your student will learn the meaning of words as well as how to spell them AND their corresponding antonyms and synonyms.

Save when you purchase the Vocabulary and Spelling Bundles!

2 reviews for Daily Skill Building: Spelling Grade 4 Companion 2nd Edition

  1. Lindsey Stomberg

    I have a son who is resistant to all school work. He is not resistant to our Daily Skill Building Spelling and Vocabulary curriculum. Where he normally complains about having to write out sentences by hand in his other work, these are short enough lessons that they aren’t taxing. I love that the work is mostly independent for the kids. I just do check-ins and administer the tests. My kids love that the reins are in their hands for actually building their spelling lists. I have used these for a few years with multiple students (even one who is dyslexic) and it has worked very well for all of them.

  2. Leslie Paschal

    This program appears to be a good, solid, basic spelling program. It is easy to implement with little prep work from the teacher/mom. It reinforces dictionary/thesaurus skills. My child enjoys doing a spelling bee type test at the end of each week instead of doing the written review and then doing it again the next day for a test. But that is the only modification we have utilized thus far. It is meant to be used in conjunction with the vocabulary lessons for each grade. Overall, I liked the program. I think kids that like variety might get a little bored with the format, but I don’t think it is really any less interesting than copywork and the like. Solid and easy to use. Give it a try.

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