Drawing and Discovering Nature Notebook

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Do you have kids who are fascinated by science and nature? Learn all about habitats, ecosystems, plants, trees, animals, birds, insects, amphibians, plant and animal classification, food chains and webs, and much more with our nature notebook.

The Drawing and Discovering Nature Notebook is a Notebook Companion™ to Curiositree: Natural World, sold separately.

174 black & white pages | Grades 3 and up | This is a digital only resource.

*Digital Product - purchase one per household only.

Drawing and Discovering Nature Notebook

This publisher-approved Notebook Companion™ combines written narration, drawing, and labeling alongside Curiositree: Natural World to help students discover some of the amazing animals of the world, from the aye-aye to zooplankton and the unique ecosystems and habitats they live in. This study also includes an introduction to plants such as pollination, seed dispersal, and germination.

Students will learn about animal and plant groups, world habitats, birds, ocean animals, life in the tropical rainforests, and much more in this comprehensive Notebook Companion™ for Curiositree: Natural World.

Drawing and Discovering Nature Notebook and the book Curiositree: Natural World with completed notebooking pages by a student

Using Curiositree: Natural World along with Drawing and Discovering Nature Notebook your children will explore nature like never before!

Some Nature Topics Covered:

  • an overview ow the living world
  • animal and plant groups
  • habitats around the world
  • mammals
  • animal skeletons and skulls
  • micro-creatures
  • ocean animals
  • all about birds – beaks, feet, and feathers
  • animals that use camouflage
  • reptiles and amphibians
  • animals of the desert
  • spiders and insects
  • tropical rain forests
  • nocturnal animals
  • trees, leaves, and plants
  • food chains and food webs
  • flowering plants and seeds
  • bees and beehives
  • rivers and ponds
  • nests and eggs
  • seahorses and fish
  • marine invertebrates
  • layers of the ocean
  • deep sea creatures
  • butterflies and moths
  • seasons, migrations and hibernations
  • and much more!

Notebook Companion™

As students read through the book at their own pace, they’ll want to have our Notebook Companion™ handy. It provides space for them to answer open-ended questions that follow along with the book, draw objects in nature, label trees, diagram photosynthesis, compare animal tracks and so much more!

Curiositree Book with Photosynthesis Notebook Page

You could spend a whole year learning about animal science and natural habitats with Curiositree: Natural World and Drawing and Discovering Nature Notebook.

Curiositree: Natural World

Drawing and Discovering Nature Notebook is a publisher-approved Notebook Companion™ to accompany Curiositree: Natural World.

Curiositree: Natural World is a secular book and our Notebook Companion™ can be used with any worldview (see note below). Although this notebook is very flexible and can be adapted for younger and older children, it is best suited to grades 3-8.

Just grab a copy of the book and our Notebook Companion™ and work at your own pace. From the aye-aye to zooplankton, help your kids discover the fascinating world of nature! Suitable for all ages; perfect for upper elementary & middle school students. 

This book is a nature-over’s delight! It’s loaded with all sorts of science facts and nature study, and you and your children will learn a ton about nature and habitats. It’s a large, colorful, full-color book with gorgeous illustrations.

Charts and Diagrams

There are over a dozen charts that detail out habitats and environments, species or groups of animals and plants, animal behavior, special adaptions, and more. Students will learn about all sorts of living things, as well as characteristics such as movement, reproduction, response, nutrition, respiration, excretion, and growth.

There are several diagrams throughout the book, such as animal classification charts, animal skeletons, germination, photosynthesis, flowering plants and seeds, food chains and webs, butterflies and moths, and so much more.

For every diagram and chart in the book, we’ve got a notebook page that allows students an area to draw and label it for themselves, which helps them retain the information they learn! Our Notebook Companions™ truly help you get the most out of this wonderful nature study book.

Note: We are young earth creationists and have found it difficult to use many nature and science books without having to skim over at least one reference to the age of the earth. We have highlighted any evolutionary references for you to review and have not included questions about that content. The Natural World also makes reference to animal adaptations. We have not made special note of those references because we believe God created animals with the ability to adapt. These adaptations could be brought on by location, diet, environment, availability of food sources, or any number of factors. We have included links to articles where you may read more about God’s design for animal adaptations if you choose.

We’ve also included links to extra free printables and resources you can use to expand your study on individual topics.

4 reviews for Drawing and Discovering Nature Notebook

  1. Becca Kvenvolden

    I love how this workbook has direct questions that are objective but also more subjective tasks like drawing the animals. I like the list of links also. This is very comprehensive. My only complaint, and why this was not 5 stars is the omission of questions on the evolution related parts. It’s science. If parents want to ignore science that conflicts with their faith, that’s their prerogative but I’d like it to be included for those of us who embrace it.

    • Bonnie Rose Hudson

      Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts. We try to make our books able to be used by homeschoolers regardless of their beliefs on evolution. We also don’t wish to go against our own beliefs on the subject. We are very glad that you enjoyed the book!

  2. Laura D

    What do you get when you pair can’t-put-down, gorgeously-illustrated nature books and easy-to-use, low prep and low stress notebooks? The perfect nature study curriculum, of course! The workbook I’d purchased in my first attempt to save our science this busy year ended up flopping (spectacularly), but we were able to quickly find our feet again with this pairing. It is engaging, but not overwhelming. Challenging, but not so intense it can’t be self-directed. NOTE: If you are a young-earth Creationist, the book for this notebook contains heavy evolution references and themes. Rather than avoid it, my 3rd grader and I are using the viewpoints opposing our own as starting points for discussion. Theology, apologetics, and science for the win! (The notebook itself has so far kept on neutral ground, avoiding quizzing on the outright evolution questions but also not directly contradicting them. I’ve been adding my own questions in the margins to get my son’s wheels spinning, and later we have discussion over making dinner, etc. Homeschooling hack. 🙂 )

    • Daily Skill Building

      Thanks so much for your feedback!

      All Daily Skill Building Notebook Companions can be used successfully in a Christian homeschool without compromising your faith. Whenever Daily Skill Building offers a Notebook Companion™ for a secular book, we carefully review the content and include a note for parents highlighting sections of the book you may want to skip. This way you can make your own determination as to whether or not to include them.

      When determining if our Daily Skill Building Notebook Companions will work in a secular homeschool, please know that we do not add any faith-based additions or topics to our Notebook Companions. Some Notebook Companions are written to accompany a Christian resource, and as such will be noted.

  3. M Melton

    I love this companion notebook. I am a secular homeschooler and I know this company is religious based but I haven’t found this to be an issue. I’ve purchased a few notebooks from them and I have always been happy with them. They cover the material well and offer great learning opportunities for my children. I would like to see them offer these already printed. Unfortunately, printing can be a major expense. I love these notebooks though. I recommend them to friends frequently.

  4. Alice Blackwelder

    The true critique of a product happens when the child using it wants to “do that one first”, and not only enjoys giving extra effort but has the space to do it. This notebook is easy to use and involves multiple learning styles in a seamless presentation. Can’t say enough good things about it. Ask my granddaughter her favorite subject and she’ll say whichever one has a notebook to go with it!

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