Food Notebook – Companion to Food Anatomy by Julia Rothman

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Could there be a tastier way to explore social studies than by learning about foods from other countries? Food Anatomy takes families on a trip around the world, studying fruits, vegetables, grains, meat, dairy, snacks, seasonings, drinks, and desserts.

The Food Notebook is a companion notebooking journal to Food Anatomy by Julia Rothman, sold separately.

110 black & white pages

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Food Notebook - Companion to Food Anatomy by Julia Rothman

Food Anatomy is part of the popular Julia Rothman series by Storey Publishing, and we are so happy to bring you a notebook to help you get the most out of reading it.

Created with the publisher’s permission, this notebook follows along with the topics in the book and includes places for written narration of information read, sketches of food and kitchen tools, labeling and diagramming, and more.

This is your student’s chance to have fun diagramming the “anatomy” of a banana split, learning about how coffee is processed, discovering kinds of snacks and meals you can eat in other countries, and much more!

Like our other open & go curriculum, there is no prep-work involved – you simply grab your copy of the book and your notebooking journal and work at your own pace.

We also have notebook companions for other volumes in the Julia Rothman Series. Click here to view them.

5 reviews for Food Notebook – Companion to Food Anatomy by Julia Rothman

  1. A Wolf

    I am in love with the Julia Rothman books but wasn’t sure how to go about incorporating them into our homeschool day. Enter Daily Skill Building Notebook. This journal is amazing. The amount of time that must have gone into building this notebook is unbelievable. The Farm book was the first one I purchased and I was so blown away I knew I had to get the Ocean and Food Anatomy journals as well. My 11 and 14 year olds have really enjoyed these journals! I cannot wait to use this one for our Health unit later this year. I highly recommend them!

  2. Marcia Cabaday

    A great addition to our homeschool health class. Thank you for making such great content for us to use.

  3. CT

    I have a child who absolutely loves FOOD, so I thought the Food Notebook would be the perfect notebook to start with.

    The Food Anatomy book is engaging from the very beginning and my son (who loves to eat with his fingers) happily learnt and then demonstrated the correct way to eat with his fingers.

    In the Food Anatomy book your child (and you) will learn about the different food, culture and traditions of various countries. There are even some handy tips, techniques and recipes.

    The Food Anatomy notebook is a wonderful companion to the Food Anatomy book that reinforces learning and serves as a lovely record of work done that you and your child can be proud of.

    • Carrie Fernandez

      My husband learned how to cook when he was a kid (begrudgingly) and I reap the benefits of it to this day! It’s great to see kids being foodies at a young age!

  4. Beth Cruse

    Really good notebook

  5. Yvie

    We love the beautiful Julia Rothman books! My children have been working through the notebooks for Nature, Farm, and Ocean Anatomy, but I wanted to work through Food Anatomy…just as mom-learning. I am very impressed at the quality of these notebooks and how much they help the student to retain! By writing notes and drawing the graphics into your notebook, it helps the brain cover the information in more ways, thus ensuring you’re more likely to remember it.

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Jessica from The Waldock Way has a great blog post discussing how to use notebook companions alongside the Julia Rothman Collection to really get the most out of the beautifully illustrated books. We also wrote about how to use the Julia Rothman Series for science at our sister site,

Enjoy Jessica’s video walk-thru below.

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