The Fossils Student Notebook

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Fossils are fascinating windows into another time, clues to a giant puzzle that covers the globe. Collecting, identifying, and studying fossils provides students with endless learning opportunities and fun.

Help your students learn about fossils, their age from a Creation science point of view, the problems with the evolutionary timeline, and how to start a fossil collection with The Fossils Student Notebook, a Notebook Companion™ for The Fossil Book by Master Books, sold separately.

51 black & white pages | This is a digtial only resource.

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The Fossils Student Notebook

In this Notebook Companion™, students will use a combination of written narration and drawing alongside The Fossil Book by Master Books to learn about the fascinating world of fossils and discover how what has been found supports Creation, not evolution.

Students will learn about the origin of fossils, how to start their own fossil collection, what kinds of fossils can be commonly found, the age of fossils, what the Geologic Column Diagram is, how scientists find and preserve fossils, how to identify kinds of fossils, how the Flood affected fossil formation, the difference between evolutionists’ and creationists’ views on fossils, the “four Cs” of Biblical creation, the different kinds of rocks and fossils found in coal, and more.

Each chapter includes written narration and notebooking, drawing, and more. Several chapters include vocabulary, and there are numerous Bible verses provided as copywork throughout.

At the beginning of the Notebook Companion™, you’ll find a link to bonus related paleontology freebies we have for you that can enrich your study of fossils. At the end of the unit, we’ve provided a set of ready-to-print vocabulary flash cards for review.

Like our other open & go curriculum, there is no prep-work involved – you simply grab your copy of the book and your Notebook Companion™ and work at your own pace.

Some Topics Students Study With The Fossils Student Notebook + The Fossil Book by Master Books:

  • Solving the Fossil Mystery
  • Fossils, Flooding, and Sedimentary Rock
  • Fossilization of Wood
  • Insects Trapped in Amber
  • Fossilized Animal Droppings
  • Fossil Fuels: Coal and Oil
  • Coal Mining
  • Geologic Column Diagram
  • Flood Geology vs. Evolution
  • Kinds of Fossils – Invertebrates
  • Kinds of Fossils – Vertebrates
  • And More!

The Fossils Student Notebook was created with permission from the publisher, Master Books. It is a Notebook Companion™ to The Fossil Book, sold separately.

We also have Notebook Companions™ for other volumes in the Master Books Wonders of Creation Series.

2 reviews for The Fossils Student Notebook

  1. J Mitchell

    I’m so thankful to Daily Skill Building for creating these Notebook Companions! My sons are obsessed with fossils, and I wanted some written work to go along with Masterbook’s amazing book on Fossils. I love that we can now incorporate writing practice and worksheets with our reading!

  2. Andrea Nichol

    Thank you for creating these student notebooks to go along with the Masterbooks series. We are looking forward to using this next year! I’m sure my children will be able to work independently with this curriculum. It looks well very put together and easy to use.

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