The Geology Student Notebook

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Do you have a kid who is fascinated by our planet and how it came to be? You can fuel that interest and help them understand how God’s Word can be relied upon to explain the events that shaped our world with The Geology Student Notebook.

This notebook is a companion for The Geology Book by Master Books, sold separately.

62 black & white pages | This is a digtial only resource.

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The Geology Student Notebook

In this Notebook Companion™, students will use a combination of written narration and drawing alongside The Geology Book by Master Books to learn about our planet and its rolling hills, solitary plains, churning seas and rivers, and majestic mountains that were all set in place by processes that are relevant to today’s entire population of this spinning rock we call home.

Students will learn what really carved the Grand Canyon; how thick the Earth’s crust is; the varied features of the Earth’s surface; how sedimentary deposition occurs through water, wind, and ice; effects of erosion and ways in which sediments become sedimentary rock; fossilization and the age of the dinosaurs; the powerful effects of volcanic activity; continental drift theory; radioisotope and carbon dating; and geologic processes of the past.

Each chapter includes vocabulary words, written narration and notebooking, drawing, and more. There are also numerous Bible verses provided as copywork throughout.

At the beginning of the Notebook Companion™, you’ll find bonus related freebies we have for you that can enrich your study of geology. At the end of the unit, we’ve provided a set of ready-to-print vocabulary flash cards for review.

Like our other open & go curriculum, there is no prep-work involved – you simply grab your copy of the book and your Notebook Companion™ and work at your own pace.

Topics Studies with The Geology Student Notebook and The Geology Book by Master Books:

  • Planet Earth
  • Igneous Rocks
  • Sedimentary Rocks
  • Metamorphic Rocks
  • The Earth’s Surface
  • Plains
  • Plateaus
  • Mountains
  • Erosional Features
  • Geological Processes and Rates
  • Erosion
  • Deposition
  • How Sediments Become Sedimentary Rock
  • Fossilization
  • Volcanism
  • The Deformation of Rocks
  • The Rock Cycle
  • Metamorphism of Rocks
  • Radioisotope Decay
  • Ways to Date the Entire Earth
  • Great Geologic Events of the Past
  • Creation
  • The Fall
  • The Flood
  • The Ice Age

The Geology Student Notebook was created with permission from the publisher, Master Books. It is a Notebook Companion™ to The Geology Book, sold separately.

We also have Notebook Companions™ for other volumes in the Master Books Wonders of Creation Series.

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  1. A Wolf

    I absolutely love these journals. We really enjoy the MasterBooks texts and this is our favorite way to track our learning when using them. We have oceans, geology, astronomy and minerals and are very happy with them.

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