Understanding Economics – Notebook Companion™ to History Is Rich

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The United States of America has an economy based on capitalism, but what exactly does that mean, and why is it important? These are questions our kids need to understand the answers to, and this Notebook Companion™ is the perfect way to help your 3rd-8th graders understand these important topics.

Understanding Economics is a Notebook Companion™ to History Is Rich by Honest History. This publisher-approved Notebook Companion™ is the perfect tool to help you get the most out of this incredibly engaging book in your homeschool!

96 black and white pages | This is a digital only resource.

History Is Rich by Honest History is sold separately.

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Understanding Economics - Notebook Companion™ to History Is Rich


For many of us, the idea of teaching economics is intimidating. We know the concepts such as supply and demand, taxes and tariffs, and investment and inflation are important, but we aren’t sure how to teach them to our kids.

Understanding Economics, a Notebook Companion™ to History Is Rich by Honest History (sold separately), not only takes the stress out of teaching important economic concepts to our kids, it makes it fun!

Making Complex Concepts Easy to Understand

History Is Rich is broken down into eleven bite-sized chapters. Each one focuses on a different aspect of economics in American history, from the beginnings of exploration through the Industrial Revolution, Great Depression, and modern times.

It takes each concept such as money, banking, stocks, and bonds and explains them in ways kids can understand, using examples from their own lives. Since economic theories are still debated today, as they have been throughout history, questions are asked to help students think critically about what economic principles work and what principles do not.

Easy-to-Use, Just Open and Go!

There is no prep-work involved. Just grab a copy of History Is Rich by Honest History (sold separately), and work through the books at your own pace.

Our Notebook Companion™ provides open-ended questions about the facts students learn and provides them with a place to record their answers and sketch pictures to help them remember key concepts. Each chapter also includes bonus projects such as a dictionary of twenty-nine economic terms students can build as they complete the unit, writing prompts, and additional research projects to help students go deeper into the topics covered.

Learn Economic Terms

Here is a list of the twenty-nine vocabulary words included in the unit:

  • Capitalism
  • Private ownership
  • Profit
  • Investment
  • Supply
  • Demand
  • Gift economy
  • Trade
  • Tariffs
  • National debt
  • Supplier
  • Secede
  • Textiles
  • Industrialization
  • Money
  • Free banking
  • Fiat money
  • Interest
  • Initial investment
  • Bank run
  • Bond
  • Share of stock
  • Dividend
  • Monopoly
  • Unemployment rate
  • Economy
  • Innovation
  • Inflation
  • Deflation

An Answers Index makes checking work simple and easy for you!

History Is Rich by Honest History

Journey through the rich historical past of money and capitalism, along with the American economy in History Is Rich. From the history of early capitalism via modern technology, explore and find out about the different methods money is made and utilized in America.

Hisory Is Rich by Honest History

What do railroad and Amazon have in common? What was life like prior to capitalism? Discover the origins of Big Business, corporations, the stock market, and other American monetary institutions. Each page is beautifully illustrated and every complicated subject is broken down so children can easily understand and utilize the info to create a much better future for themselves.

Using Understanding Economics and History Is Rich Together

History Is Rich is a beautifully illustrated book that will help teach your kids what they need to know about the American economy. When you pair it with our publisher-approved Notebook Companion™ you can easily use it for school!

Our Notebook Companions are a great way to document your child’s learning when you use books instead of textbooks and worksheets to learn specific topics or subjects. Never has teaching economics been so easy for parents.

Purchase History Is Rich directly from the publisher, Honest History.

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