All You Need to Teach Preschool!

All You Need to Teach Preschool
Includes a 26-Week Lesson Plan Schedule

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*Digital Resource

Hundreds of Letter-Learning Activity Pages:

Cute Letter Posters

Our cute letter posters are perfect for your letter-of-the-week binder – just use each letter as a divider!

You can also print the pages, laminate them, and use them for easy reference or as a word wall decoration.

Letter Tracing

Children will practice tracing both lowercase and uppercase letters, and even some sight words, with the letter tracing pages.

Print off as many as you need to so you can practice over and over again!

Kids Love The Preschool Bundle!

Letter Worksheets

You can use our letter worksheets as part of a letter-of-the-week curriculum if you are teaching one letter each week. 

Kids love coloring the letters and the picture, and they’ll have fun tracing each letter and circling them. 

Letter Find Activity Pages

Identifying letters that have been learned using a letter find activity page is great for review. 

Kids can use a crayon, markers, or do-a-dot markers to fill in the circles. 

Do-A-Dot Letter Pages

Dab-a-dot and do-a-dot printables are a low-prep, quiet activity that kids love.

Grab your dot markers and watch your little one have a ball! If you want to save your pages, simply put them in a page protector and use a dry-erase marker.

Simple Schedule - Just Open & Go!

26 Weeks of Lesson Plans

For those who love it all planned out and just want an open-and-go resource for preschool, we’ve created lesson plans!

The 5-day lesson plans are totally flexible; use them as a guide to help you know what to do next!

Add extra notes and activities you want to do along the way to the notes section for easy planning. 

All You Need to Teach Preschool

FOR ONLY $19.96!  

*Digital Resource

Fun Activity Pages for Numbers, Shapes & Colors

Number Learning Sheets

Learn numbers 1-13 with our fun number pages. Color the number, trace it, and draw objects. 

Use the number find section for review. Print pages multiple times for extra practice. 


Shapes Activity Pages

Kids love our fun shape worksheets! You’ll find worksheets for the following shapes: circle, square, rectangle, star, heart, diamond, oval, octagon, and more. 

Learn About Colors

Each color has its own worksheet. Students will trace the color word, color the crayon and shape, and then draw a picture of something that color.

Bonus color mixing and primary colors worksheets are included!

All You Need to Teach Preschool

FOR ONLY $19.96!  

*Digital Resource

Dive into Sight Words!

Sight Word Worksheets

Print off simple black and white sheets of over 200 sight words!

Trace it, write it, draw it, and color the picture. These easy worksheets can be used over and over again. They coordinate with the sight word flash cards below.

Sight Word Flash Cards

Help your beginning readers learn to recognize more than 200 sight words with these Sight Word Flash Cards for Beginners! 

Each flash card includes a sentence that uses the sight word and a fun picture illustrating the sentence.

All You Need to Teach Preschool

FOR ONLY $19.96!  

*Digital Resource

Work on Bible Memory

Bible Memory Activities

Teach your young ones easy-to-remember Bible verses with our fun Bible memory activity pages. 

Kids love cutting out the strips and arranging the Bible verse in order, coloring the pages, and drawing pictures.

Weekly Review

The Preschool Practice Pack takes beginning learners through all 26 letters in the alphabet, the numbers 1-13, thirteen shapes, colors, and thirteen Bible verses (NKJV), and weaves in review at the end of each week.

All You Need to Teach Preschool

FOR ONLY $19.96!  

*Digital Resource

What's Included?

This Bundle includes the following resources:

Sight Word Worksheets

Kids will have fun practicing and learning more than 200 sight words with these simple black and white worksheets. Pages: 217

Preschool Practice Pack

Thirteen weeks of preschool practice and kindergarten preparation. Letters, numbers, shapes, colors & Bible memory. Pages: 148

Sight Word Flash Cards

Help your beginning readers learn to recognize more than 200 sight words with these Sight Word Flash Cards for Beginners! Includes all 5 levels- Pages: 148

Letters A-Z Activity Pack

Tons of letter practice with the Letters A-Z Activity Pack! Letter Find, Do-A-Dot, letter tracing, and more. Pages: 108

Yes! Let's Do This.

All You Need to Teach Preschool

FOR ONLY $19.96!  

*Digital Resource

Frequently Asked Questions

This early learning bundle is geared toward children who are learning to write their letters and numbers, learn shapes and colors, and how to read sight words.

While the resources included in this bundle are not a "curriculum," we do include some scheduling suggestions for 13 weeks using the Preschool Practice Pack. The Sight Words Worksheets and Flash Cards can be used together, and instructions are provided to do so. 

Since everything is completely self-paced, so you can take as long as you'd like to work through each resource.

Our resources are all digital. At this time there is no option to purchased a physical copy that is already printed. 

At this time our products are only available in digital PDF format. 

Sight Word Worksheets: 217 pages

Preschool Practice Pack: 148 pages

Sight Word Flash Cards: 148 pages

Letters A-Z Activity Pack: 108 pages

No other books are required to use the early learning resources included in this bundle. 

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