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How to Use the Julia Rothman Collection for Homeschool Science

The Best-Selling Julia Rothman Collection is a favorite with homeschooling families – and for a good reason.

This exquisitely illustrated series is chock-full of science, and when you pair it with our publisher-approved Notebook Companions™, you can use it for science in your homeschool!

Read on to learn more about the Notebook Companions™ for the Julia Rothman Collection.

Notebook Companions™ for the Julia Rothman Collection

Notebook Companions for the Julia Rothman Collection

*The Julia Rothman Collection is sold separately. 

There are four books in the Julia Rothman Collection, and we’ve created a Notebook Companion™ for each volume:

  • Nature Notebook
  • Farm Notebook
  • Ocean Notebook
  • Food Notebook

Your student will enjoy: written narration, drawing, labeling, and more with our companion journals.

See what's inside to unleash your child's creativity!

Let us show you HOW to make science EASY using the Julia Rothman Collection and our open-and go, easy-to-use Notebook Companions™!

Drawing and Sketching

Do you have a child who dreads school work but loves drawing and sketching?

Our notebook pages are filled with spaces for beautiful nature sketches.

Written Narration

Students who struggle with worksheets often thrive with written narration.

Take the struggle out of knowing what to write with our question prompts.

What People Say

Nature Notebook
A Notebook Companion™ to Nature Anatomy by Julia Rothman

Students Study:

*The Julia Rothman Collection is sold separately. 

Ditch Boring Textbooks in Favor of Notebooking!

This series is perfect for the creative student who gets bored with science textbooks and would prefer to draw, label, and answer open-ended questions rather than take tests and write papers.

There is no prep-work involved – you simply grab your copy of the book (sold separately) and your Notebook Companion™ and work at your own pace.


Farm Notebook
A Notebook Companion™ to Farm Anatomy by Julia Rothman

Students Study:

*The Julia Rothman Collection is sold separately. 

Imagine NO COMPLAINING at Science Time!

The Julia Rothman Collection is perfect for elementary science! Students will learn all about nature, farming, ocean life, and even other cultures by learning about foods from other countries!

Ignite an interest in science as students record their discoveries!

Your Kids will BEG to Do Science!

Are you looking for something non-textbooky that you can use for science in your homeschool?

Does your family love studying nature and exploring outdoors?

Maybe you’d like to teach your kids about plants and birds or how to grow a garden and take care of farm animals?

Perhaps you enjoy studying about ocean life or you have a budding culinary genius who loves all-things food?

"My Curriculum Wasn't Working!"

"When a homeschool science curriculum just wasn’t making us happy, I had a friend suggest Julia Rothman books. Luckily, I stumbled upon this companion notebook for Nature Anatomy. It was exactly what I wanted! Something that would foster our 6th grader’s imagination, broaden observation skills, while still leaving room for expounding and self-exploration into various topics. I heartily recommend and encourage anyone to purchase this product. I WISH I would have purchased the complete set in the beginning. Yes, I like it that much!" - Dedra S.

Ocean Notebook
A Notebook Companion™ to Ocean Anatomy by Julia Rothman

Students Study:

*The Julia Rothman Collection is sold separately. 

Food Notebook
A Notebook Companion™ to Food Anatomy by Julia Rothman

Students Study:

*The Julia Rothman Collection is sold separately. 

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*Digital Resource

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Learn about 25 birds as well as their habitats, beaks, feathers, and much more. 

Document your birding activities for your notebook and portfolio and use the journal pages for a birdwalk.

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*Audubon Adventures for Kids is sold separately. 

*Digital Resource

Prefer to buy individually?

Nature Notebook + Nature Anatomy by Julia Rothman


*Digital Resource
Nature Anatomy sold separately

Farm Notebook + Farm Anatomy by Julia Rothman


*Digital Resource
Farm Anatomy sold separately

Ocean Notebook + Ocean Anatomy by Julia Rothman


*Digital Resource
Ocean Anatomy sold separately

Food Notebook + Food Anatomy by Julia Rothman


*Digital Resource
Farm Anatomy sold separately

Frequently Asked Questions

Each Notebook Companion™ is the same great product, but we designed a new cover! 

The books in the Julia Rothman Collection are available for sale separately and not included with your purchase. 

The Julia Rothman Collection is secular. Nothing faith-based has been added to the Notebooks.

All Daily Skill Building Notebook Companions can be used successfully in a Christian homeschool without compromising your faith. Whenever Daily Skill Building offers a Notebook Companion™ for a secular book, we carefully review the content and include a note for parents highlighting sections of the book you may want to skip. This way you can make your own determination as to whether or not to include them.

If you'd like to purchase the Notebook Companions™ individually, click here for the options page. 

Our notebook companions are all digital. At this time there is no option to purchase a physical copy that is already printed. 

Nature Notebook: 171 pages
Farm Notebook: 162 pages
Ocean Notebook: 110 pages
Food Notebook: 110 pages
Birding Notebook (BUNDLE BONUS): 129 pages

At this time our products are only available in digital PDF format. 

Like many homeschooling resources, there is no set grade level. Kids of all ages will enjoy Nature AnatomyFarm AnatomyOcean Anatomy, and Food Anatomy because they are beautifully illustrated books full of interesting facts and hand-drawn illustrations. The notebook companions will work best with students in 3rd grade and up, but they are meant to be very flexible.

Many homeschooling families who enjoy unit studies and piecing their own curriculum together use The Julia Rothman Collection + Notebook Companions™ to create a full science curriculum for elementary students by adding in additional resources.

Here’s an example of how one might do so:

When you get to the section on whales in Ocean Anatomy you would use it alongside the Ocean Notebook and add in some extra books about whales, do a research paper on a specific whale type, and watch some videos for a complete study on whales.

Science Spine Examples & Ideas

Here are a couple additional examples of how you might use the Julia Rothman Series as a science curriculum spine with an elementary student:

Using Nature Anatomy and the Nature Notebook – In Chapter One of Nature Anatomy students will learn about the earth’s rotation, layers of the earth, rocks and minerals, fossils, landforms, mountains and more.

You will use the Notebook Companion™ to journal your studies and you can expand on this chapter using printables, such as the resources listed below. All links are found in the Nature Notebook listed out by chapter.

  • Rocks, Gemstones, and Minerals Cheat Sheets and Fact Cards
  • Astronomy Printables
  • Earth Science Printables and Resources – Archaeology, Caves & Geology
  • Learning About the Layers of the Earth
  • Layers and Spheres of the Earth Notebooking Journal
  • Rock Terminology Copywork Notebook
  • Printables and Resources on Rocks and Fossils
  • Paleontology Printables and Resources
  • Learn All About Volcanoes with Printables, Unit Studies and More
  • Historic Volcanoes Notebooking Research Journal

In Chapter One of Farm Anatomy, you will learn about the layers of the soil, the makeup of topsoil, soil texture, crop rotation, soil conservation, weather, composting, and more.

Just this one chapter brings about so many ideas on how you can expand this to really dig in (pun intended) to learn more about soil and crops.

We have listed out free resources by chapter in the Farm Notebook just like we did for the Nature Notebook. Here’s some of the resources we link to in the Farm Notebook for Chapter One:

  • Resources to Help Kids Learn About Soil and Composting
  • Composting With Kids Printables Pack
  • Herb Gardening for Kids: 5 Tips to Get Them Growing
  • All About Clouds Printables And Activities
  • Learning About Clouds: Free Worksheets, Printables and More
  • Types of Clouds Guided Drawing
  • Resources to Teach Kids About Recycling

As you go through the Food Notebook, take the opportunity to look up recipes for dishes that sound tasty or grab living books to help you learn about the countries the food is from.

If you did this throughout the book for individual topics, you could easily stretch it a full school year and your kids would learn a ton! I dare say you may even be able to use one book for the entire year if you really get creative and incorporate research and living science books.

Our notebook companions are completely self-paced, so you can take as long as you'd like to work through them. 

The Birding Notebook is a companion to Audubon Birding Adventures for Kids, sold separately.

Due to the nature of digital products, there are no refunds. Please view the samples of each product to decide if it's a good fit for your homeschool goals before making your purchase.

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