Toss the Textbooks & Fall in Love with Science!

Living Book Science + Notebooking

This series is perfect for the creative student who gets bored with science textbooks and would prefer to draw, label, and write in a journal rather than take tests and write papers.

There is no prep-work involved and you don’t need a teacher’s guide!

Imagine NO COMPLAINING at Science Time!

The Nature Anatomy Series is perfect for elementary science! Students will learn all about nature, farming, ocean life, and even other cultures by learning about foods from other countries!

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*Available in digital or print!

Are You Looking for an EASY Way to Teach Science?

Easy-to-use, Just Open & Go

Our Notebooks are designed to be open-and-go, making it effortless to incorporate them into your lessons. There’s no need for a teacher’s guide!

Suitable for Grades 3 & up

Our Notebook Companions are flexible and can be used for multiple grades and all types of learning styles! Teach your kids all together at their own levels.

Completely Self-paced

You can dive deep into topics that interest you and spend as much time as you like learning! Or you can even use our notebooks to supplement science curriculum!

Nature Anatomy Series Notebook Companions
Companion Guides for the Nature Anatomy Series

No longer will you wonder how to incorporate the Nature Anatomy Series into your homeschool day!

Each Notebook Companion™ provides space for your students to document their learning as you journey though the books.

Open-ended question prompts help encourage students to write about what they have learned so there’s no blank-page stress!

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*Available in digital or print!

What People Say About Our Notebooks

Notebook Companion™ for Nature Anatomy

Companion Guide for Nature Anatomy – $9.95 digital | $28.95 print

Students will use a combination of written narration, drawing, and labeling alongside Nature Anatomy to learn about:

The Nature Notebook is a Notebook Companion™ to Nature Anatomy, sold separately.

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*Available in digital or print!

Notebook Companion™ for Farm Anatomy

Companion Guide for Farm Anatomy – $9.95 digital | $28.95 print

Students will use a combination of written narration, drawing, and labeling alongside Farm Anatomy to learn about:

Farm Notebook is a Notebook Companion™ to Farm Anatomy, sold separately.

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*Available in digital or print!

See what's inside to unleash your child's creativity!

Let us show you HOW to make science EASY using the Nature Anatomy Series and our open-and go, easy-to-use Notebook Companions™!

Drawing and Sketching

Do you have a child who dreads school work but loves drawing and sketching?

Our notebook pages are filled with spaces for beautiful nature sketches.

Written Narration

Students who struggle with worksheets often thrive with written narration.

Take the struggle out of knowing what to write with our question prompts.

Notebook Companion™ for Ocean Anatomy

Companion Guide for Ocean Anatomy – $9.95 digital | $28.95 print

Students will use a combination of written narration, drawing, and labeling alongside Ocean Anatomy to learn about:

The Ocean Notebook is a Notebook Companion™ to Ocean Anatomy, sold separately.

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*Available in digital or print!

Notebook Companion™ for Food Anatomy

Companion Guide for Food Anatomy – $9.95 digital | $28.95 print

Get ready to eat your way around the world!

Start your adventure with the history of food and end with a world tour of what other countries call good eats.

Who knew the best way to learn social studies is through your stomach?

Food Anatomy will whisk you around the world to study fruits, vegetables, grains, meat, dairy, snacks, seasonings, drinks, and desserts.

The Food Notebook is a Notebook Companion™ to Food Anatomy, sold separately.

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*Available in digital or print!

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Learn More About the Digital BONUS
BONUS: Birding Notebook – A Companion to Audubon Birding Adventures For Kids

Learn about 25 birds as well as their habitats, beaks, feathers, and much more. Document your birding activities for your notebook and portfolio and use the journal pages for a birdwalk.

View a Sample | 129 pages

*Audubon Adventures for Kids is sold separately. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The books in the Julia Rothman Collection are available for sale separately and not included with your purchase. 

The Junior Notebooks Bundle is only available in the ULTIMATE Print Bundle or as an add-on from the checkout page.

This Junior Notebook Companion Digital Add-On Bundle is perfect for younger students who are not skilled writers or able to answer open-ended questions easily.

Flexible for use with all ages, this add-on collection follows along with each book in the series and includes chapter coloring pages and a blank notebooking page for every section in the Julia Rothman Collection!

Nature Notebook Addon: 103 pages | SAMPLE
Farm Notebook Addon: 103 pages | SAMPLE
Ocean Notebook Addon: 112 pages | SAMPLE
Food Notebook Addon: 137 pages | SAMPLE

The Junior Notebooks Bundle is only available in the ULTIMATE Print Bundle or as an add-on from the checkout page.

The Julia Rothman Collection is secular. Nothing faith-based has been added to the Notebooks.

All Daily Skill Building Notebook Companions can be used successfully in a Christian homeschool without compromising your faith. Whenever Daily Skill Building offers a Notebook Companion™ for a secular book, we carefully review the content and include a note for parents highlighting sections of the book you may want to skip. This way you can make your own determination as to whether or not to include them.

If you'd like to purchase the Notebook Companions individually, you can make your selections on the options page.

For a limited time we are offering this series in digital OR print. The bonus that comes with the bundle will be digital, regardless. You must select print to be shipped physical copies. 

Nature Notebook: 171 pages
Farm Notebook: 162 pages
Ocean Notebook: 110 pages
Food Notebook: 110 pages
Birding Notebook (BUNDLE BONUS): 129 pages

Like many homeschooling resources, there is no set grade level. Kids of all ages will enjoy Nature AnatomyFarm AnatomyOcean Anatomy, and Food Anatomy because they are beautifully illustrated books full of interesting facts and hand-drawn illustrations. The notebook companions will work best with students in 3rd grade and up, but they are meant to be very flexible.

Many homeschooling families who enjoy unit studies and piecing their own curriculum together use The Julia Rothman Collection + Notebook Companions to create a full science curriculum for elementary students by adding in additional resources.

Here’s an example of how one might do so:

When you get to the section on whales in Ocean Anatomy you would use it alongside the Ocean Notebook and add in some extra books about whales, do a research paper on a specific whale type, and watch some videos for a complete study on whales.

Each book offers many opportunities to dive deeper into a topic. By adding in hands-on projects, free printables (we have a lot of cooresponding free printables at Homeschool Giveaways), watching videos, reading additional books, etc. you will have a blast exploring the science topics found throughout the books!

Our notebook companions are completely self-paced, so you can take as long as you'd like to work through them. 

The Birding Notebook is a companion to Audubon Birding Adventures for Kids, sold separately.

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  8. Please make sure that you have a way to print the products from Daily Skill Building. Many of our products are DIGITAL ONLY. You can read some insight and recommendations for printing here. Each item indicates the number of pages for that product in the product description.

  9. We do NOT issue refunds for missed sales or coupon codes. Please be diligent upfront in placing your order.

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