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This unit study is best suited for grades 4 and up and is flexible. The U.S. Presidents Fact Cards and Bio Sheets work well with this unit and can be used to answer the Important Facts page.

What’s included?

  • 429 black and white pages
  • Comprehensive study guide
  • Information on each president
  • Important facts page
  • Timeline worksheet with 450 entries
  • Research project option

Comprehensive Study Guide

Do you want your student to COMPREHEND what they are learning? This comprehensive study guide includes 225 reading comprehension questions and an easily accessible answer key.

This is PERFECT for those who want to feel the topic until they’re confident in what they are learning. This study guide makes comprehending and learning EASY PEASY.

Information on Each President

Each President of the United States has something unique to offer history. They don’t all live the same lives.

This American history unit study is different because you are going to detailed information on each president. PLUS, comprehension questions to help students better understand what they’re reading.

Some guides are boring, but NOT this one. Students can use this guide to dive more into important history. It’s important for students to learn and understand history, not be scared of it.

Important Facts Page

Is your student curious about important facts? The important facts page is another convenient component included in this American History Unit Study.

  • Gives space for students to keep a quick and easy track of important facts for each president they’re learning about at the time.
  • And….. students can refer back to the facts page as a reliable resource when studying for lengthy exams and quizzes.

Timeline Worksheet

Timelines help students get a visual on when events happened in history. Understanding what happened and when is important when looking at past events. A timeline is a valuable resource to any history curriculum.

  • The timeline worksheet is another valuable resource available to make it easier for students of all ages to remember the most important dates.
  • Students can use one timeline for each president, along with a master timeline to keep track of crucial dates throughout history involving these presidents over the years.
  • Each set of timeline facts includes dates about the president as well as additional facts from American and/or world history.

Research Project Option

Need to put that learning and comprehension into ACTION? Older students learning about American history will get a lot out of a research project. Even middle school students can do research on an important event that occurred during a presidency and write a paper on it.

  • You can test the comprehension skills of your student by giving them a research project option.
  • They can do a research project for any of the historical events included in the timeline.
  • Research the life of a past president and write a report about it.

Hundreds of events have occurred that involved presidents in the United States. American History Through the Eyes of the Presidents helps students stay informed and retain all the valuable information they’re reading through. It allows students to dig much deeper, discover a lot more about the presidents of the United States, and receive unbiased details on American history.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to learn about American history through the eyes of your past presidents. Hang on because this is going to be a fun historical ride!

NOTE: The author of this unit did her best to be as unbiased as possible, stating the facts of what happened and what various opinions on certain matters were, leaving a judgment on the president’s actions up to the student and parent to discuss.