U.S. Presidents Fact Cards and Bio Sheets

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Have a dozen facts about every U.S. President at your fingertips plus a quick way to review them with these U.S. Presidents Fact Cards and Bio Sheets.

This set goes great with American History Through the Eyes of the Presidents

70 pages | This is a digital only resource.

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U.S. Presidents Fact Cards and Bio Sheets

This set of U.S. Presidents Fact Cards & Bio Sheets includes a full page of facts about every President.

Students can see at a glance:

  • Important dates such as years served, date of birth, and date of death
  • Key places such as place of birth and place of death
  • Key people such as Vice President, runner-up, and First Lady
  • Election facts such as the President’s political party and electoral votes won
  • Historical events that happened during his term
  • Additional interesting facts

These are great to have on hand as cheat sheets for quick reference! Following these 45 fact cards & 45 biography sheets that include color pictures of each President and key information from the anchor charts such as:

  • Years served
  • State of birth
  • Vice President
  • First Lady
  • Political party
  • and more

Finally, there are 45 blank fact cards with black and white images of each President. Students can fill in the key information and also color the picture on each if they wish.

2 reviews for U.S. Presidents Fact Cards and Bio Sheets

  1. Joanne Greco

    We’re starting to learn about American History in our homeschool. I have a 1st and 2nd grader. This packet comes with three different items. First, an informative fact sheet for each president, which includes historical facts that happened during their presidency. Second, it comes with fact cards (which I intend to laminate) with a drawing of each president along with details, such as who the first lady and vice president was. And last, it has the same fact cards in black and white, without the answers, which is great for memory work. All in all, this is a great addition for a unit study on American History or Presidents. It removes the work and time of having to find all this information on your own and as we all know, us home school mamas don;t have a lot of extra time! Highly recommended!

  2. Theresa Montgomery

    This collection is a good resource as a quick reference to United States Presidential facts. I feel that it is most likely suited for late elementary or early middle school. I like that it includes facts that may not be widely known, however would appreciate further explanation of those facts. Overall, these bio sheets and fact cards would be useful as a brief overview of US presidents. They could be used in conjunction with a more in depth unit study or curriculum.

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