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This set of U.S. Presidents Fact Cards & Bio Sheets includes a full page of facts about every President.

Students can see at a glance:

  • Important dates such as years served, date of birth, and date of death
  • Key places such as place of birth and place of death
  • Key people such as Vice President, runner-up, and First Lady
  • Election facts such as the President’s political party and electoral votes won
  • Historical events that happened during his term
  • Additional interesting facts

These are great to have on hand as cheat sheets for quick reference! Following these 45 fact cards & 45 biography sheets that include color pictures of each President and key information from the anchor charts such as:

  • Years served
  • State of birth
  • Vice President
  • First Lady
  • Political party
  • and more

Finally, there are 45 blank fact cards with black and white images of each President. Students can fill in the key information and also color the picture on each if they wish.