American History Through the Eyes of the Presidents


Discover American history through the presidencies of those who have led it with this comprehensive resource.

This study takes a brief look at American history focusing on the actions of the presidents through reading comprehension, narration, notebooking, timelines, research projects, and more.

429 black and white pages

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American History Through the Eyes of the Presidents

This unit study includes 225 reading comprehension questions with answer keys and 450 timeline entries. It is best suited for grades 4 and up and is flexible.

The U.S. Presidents Fact Cards and Bio Sheets work well with this unit and can be used to answer the Important Facts page.

For each president, you will find:

  • Informational text, a notebooking page, and reading comprehension questions: The student can read the lesson text (or a parent/teacher can read it aloud) and use the notebooking page that is included for written narration, using the questions as writing prompts. This often works better for students who struggle with reading comprehension questions. Alternatively, you can ask the questions orally if that suits your student’s learning style best.
  • Important Facts page: This page is for recording key information about each president.
  • Timeline worksheet: Timeline facts and one timeline worksheet for each president is included. A master timeline worksheet that can also be filled in as each president is completed is included at the end of the resource and features 450 events from U.S. and world history.
  • Research project: Each set of timeline facts includes dates about the president as well as additional facts from American and/or world history. Students can do a research project for any of the American and/or world history events included in the timeline.

Answer keys for all reading comprehension questions as well as a master timeline key are included.

This is a great way to introduce major themes in American history and encourage students to dig deeper and discover the impacts and legacies, both good and bad, left behind by the nation’s presidents.

NOTE: The author of this unit did her best to be as unbiased as possible, stating the facts of what happened and what various opinions on certain matters were, leaving a judgment on the president’s actions up to the student and parent to discuss. 


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