Enhance your student’s handwriting skills while they learn some of the greatest hymns of all time with this Famous Hymns Print & Cursive Copywork pack. This resource includes ten of the most popular hymns ever written!

What's Included:
Hymn Writer Biography Pages
Your student will research key facts about the songwriter’s of these classic hymns using our bio sheets.

There’s a box to illustrate what the songwriter looked like (or find and print an image), a space to note when they were born and deceased, an area to jot down what they were most known for, and space to note up to three interesting facts.
Listening Response Pages
As your student listens to the hymn, they’ll be guided to listen for instruments they hear, the tempo, mood, and dynamics.

There are also spaces for them to write what the hymn reminds them of and what they like most about it.
Hymn Copywork in Print & Cursive
Your student will have an opportunity to write the lyrics of each hymn in both print and cursive.

This will not only help their handwriting skills, but they’ll also fashion their reading and comprehension skills.


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