About Daily Skill Building

Daily Skill Building is owned and operated by The Independent Easel, Inc. and affiliated with Homeschool Giveaways. Our team consists of authors, marketers, graphic designers, and educators, most of which are homeschool moms. 

Daily Skill Building was started to fill a need for busy homeschool moms that didn’t have time to do a ton of prep-work or follow along in big teacher’s guides. 

The original Daily Skill Building Series was created to an be easy-to-use, open and go resource that encouraged independent study. Along the way we created notebook companions to be used alongside favorite books for students who thrived in their learning through written narration and journaling. 

Although we are a Christian company, our Daily Skill Building Series doesn’t contain any faith-based instruction or Scripture references. The notebook companions that we create will not include any reference to evolution, age of the earth, or topics that contradict Scripture. 

Other resources may contain faith-based materials, each will be labeled as such.