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Do your children struggle with talking back, whining, begging, lying, or other heart issues that live out through their lips?

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You NEED Our Bible Study for Kids!

You are not alone…

We asked moms why they needed a Bible study for kids on taming the tongue. We had hundreds of replies and they all sang the same tune – struggles with grumbling, lying, talking back, begging...

Almost to my Breaking Point!

“I am almost to my breaking point. We all need to learn some respect for each other. I’m mentally and physically exhausted.

– Heather, North Carolina

So Tired of Complaining!

“We need a Bible study like this for our children, because we are both so tired of the grumbling and complaining that comes with chore time, school time, any time!”

– Sunny, West Virginia

I Long for a Joy-Filled Home!

“This is something my family needs! The kids keep arguing, whining, and begging till I lose my cool, and this means the atmosphere in our home is not the peaceful, joy-filled atmosphere I long for. I need help!”

– Melissa, Okinawa, Japan

Written just for kids, this Bible study will help children in grades 2-6 (flexible) get a grip on their behavior and learn how to manage their mouths.

Only $12.95

*Digital Resource

Are You Sick and Tired of the Bad Attitudes?

Do you long for obedient children?

Are you tired of the talking back?

Do you wish you could believe your child when they tell you something?

Are you weary of getting the stink-eye?

YES! I am ready for CHANGE!

Keep Quiet Challenge for Kids

ONLY $12.95!

*Digital Resource

Do you wish your kids would just listen?

We shouldn't have to say something twice, or deal with bad attitudes when we ask our kids to do something.

Our Bible Study will teach them how to respond in a way that honors God and keeps peace in the home!


“I was going to say something nasty [to my brother], when I remembered the Bible study and changed my words.”

“…I absolutely love it! The “Keep Quiet Challenge for Kids” is full of wisdom, insight, and the light of the Word of God. The lessons are edifying, the scenarios and stories are very relatable, and the discussions they have led to have been fruitful. Everything from taming your tone of voice to not whining, not talking back, thinking before you speak, not wearing words on your face, and much more is covered – it’s brilliant!…”

– Lynn, homeschooling mom to 3 boys

How This Bible Study FOR KIDS Can Help

The Keep Quiet Challenge for KIDS addresses issues they struggle with - at their level.

12 Weekly Challenges

  • Tame Your Tone of Voice
  • Think Before You Speak
  • Avoid Being Negative
  • Avoid Flattery
  • Stop Whining
  • Stop Grumbling and Complaining
  • Stop Gossiping and Mind Your Own Business
  • Don’t Talk Back
  • Don’t Tell a Lie
  • Avoid Being Boastful
  • Do Not Use Bad Words
  • Don’t Wear Words on Your Face

Relatable Scenarios

Each weekly challenge includes two scenarios that help children understand the behavior being addressed.

The first scenario shows the results of a BAD ATTITUDE.

The second scenario shows how much better a situation can be resolved with a GOOD ATTITUDE.

Discussion Questions

After reading the scenarios, your child will reflect on the choices made in each one. 

There is space to journal their thoughts on each of the different outcomes. 

You can discuss these questions orally, or have your child write their answers down. 

This type of reflection helps a child to imagine himself in these situations and they learn how to adjust their behavior for the best outcome!

Weekly Devotionals

Each weekly challenge includes a devotional using Scripture as the base for the lesson. 

Written in a way that a child can understand, we show how the behavior addressed in the weekly challenge has a positive or negative outcome in the Bible.

Then, we use practical ways to explain how your child can put positive changes into practice!

Reflection Questions

We provide space for children to journal their thoughts on each weekly challenge. 

Using open-ended reflection questions, kids are encouraged to reflect upon their own behavior and think of ways that can make positive changes. 

Wrapping up Weekly Challenges

At the end of each weekly challenge children are asked to write down specific times when they exhibited self-control throughout the week.

There’s also space for journaling about situations when they didn’t make the best choice and they needed grace. 

Scripture Memory

Each weekly challenge includes memory verses that can help kids shift their focus to the One who can help them overcome.

Actions Steps are provided to help kids change their habits.  

Challenge Flash Cards

Flash cards are provided for each weekly challenge. 

Challenge flash cards include:

  • Bible verses to help kids remember WHY their behavior needs to change
  • Action steps to help with self-control
  • Scripture memory verse
  • Prayer requests pertaining to the specific challenge

Do YOU Need Help Taming YOUR Tongue Too?

Do words just fly out of your mouth when you open it?

Maybe you are tired, stressed out, worried, or just irritated and you don’t mean to take it out on your family – but you do.

When we lash out, even if unintentionally, it harms those we love.

Taming your tongue is no doubt a difficult task, but it’s not impossible!

The Keep Quiet Challenge Bundle
for KIDS and MOMS!

  $25.90   ONLY $19.99!

*Digital Resource

The ORIGINAL Keep Quiet Challenge

Keep Quiet Challenge Bible Study – Learning How to Manage Your Mouth

This 12-week Bible study for women will help you learn how to glorify the Lord with your lips. Learn how to stop pushing those you care about away!

Throughout this study you will learn how to:

  • Tame your tone of voice
  • Stop nagging
  • Quit grumbling & complaining
  • Build up, not tear down
  • Avoid being negative
  • And more!

Learn how to stop pushing those you care about away!

Our families bear the brunt of our behavior and see us at our worst. Others may not be aware of your destructive habits like nagging, complaining, outbursts of wrath, and gossiping, but the Lord sees all things!

Real change is not only possible, but it’s within your reach. Learn how to get control of your emotions and replace bad habits using action steps that help you each step of the way.

“From the same mouth come blessing and cursing. My brothers, these things ought not to be so.” – James 3:10


Loved the Study!

“Loved the study! It covered so many topics that we often overlook and excuse. The “self-reflection” areas that recorded successes and the Bible memory verses included helped keep me accountable to the challenge. I actually decided to go through it again this new year.”

– Misty


I Don't Want to Cause Them to Stumble!

“I am so tired of my mouthiness and my sinful words… I have done anger-management courses, learned scripture, and even fasted for this. I can see the yucky words and tones creeping in to my daughters’ and son’s mouths and hearts – and it kills me. I don’t want to cause them to stumble.”

– Claire


Forever Thankful!

“I have learned so much about myself. Some things came to light that I didn’t realize about myself. I have learned how to keep my mouth shut and still use my verses to help me when I get annoyed or upset. I will forever be thankful for this opportunity.”

– Audrey

Woman on swing next to an empty swing

The Keep Quiet Challenge Bundle
for KIDS and MOMS!

  $25.90   ONLY $19.99!

*Digital Resource

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Frequently Asked Questions

Like many homeschooling resources, this is a flexible resource. It is best suited to grades 2-6. You can preview a sample to determine if it would work for your child(ren).

Each study includes 12 weeks of Bible study lessons, however you can take as long as you need to on each lesson. Weekly challenges are completed over a span of 5 days or longer, depending on the pace that works for you.

Some of the weekly challenges build upon material already covered, so it is recommended that you go in order.

The Original Keep Quiet Challenge was written for women, specifically those who are married and have children. 

Are resources are only available in digital format. At this time there is no option to purchase a physical copy that is already printed. 

At this time our products are only available in digital PDF format. 

Kid's Version: 131 b&w pages, 14 flashcard pages

Women's Version: 108 b&w pages, 13 flashcard pages

Due to the nature of digital products, there are no refunds. Please view the sample graphics of each product to decide if it's a good fit for your family goals before making your purchase.

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