A Journey Through Creation – A Master Books Notebook Companion™

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The world is full of magnificently designed animals as well as perfectly crafted stars and planets. Help your students understand some of the wondrous ways God designed each of these things to fit and operate in our world, as well as why their design defies the laws of chance and theory of evolution, with this publisher-approved Notebook Companion™.

A Journey Through Creation is a Notebook Companion™ that works alongside Wonders of Creation by Master Books (sold separately) and helps students write about and draw what they are learning. It also includes optional writing assignments and projects, some of which add a hands-on element to their studies.

Includes Days of Creation Cards & Poster!

150 black and white pages | 3 color pages plus 9 color pages of cards and a poster | This is a digital only resource.

This digital resource is a 16-week apologetics course for middle & high school students

*Digital Product - purchase one per household only.

A Journey Through Creation - A Notebook Companion™ for Wonders of Creation


A Journey Through Creation Notebook Companion™ and Wonders of Creation by Master Books (sold separately) combine science and apologetics with philosophy, art, and even mathematics to show some of the incredible ways we can see God’s hand of design in the world around us.

The Notebook Companion™ gives your student numerous opportunities to draw and/or label many of the creatures and concepts studied. It also includes optional bonus projects that encourage students to dig deeper with hands-on projects and other challenges.

In addition to providing a suggested schedule, the Planning and Pacing Guide (included!) contains an additional project and writing assignment for each week.

The units begin by looking at the design of more than two dozen animals including land mammals, sea creatures, birds, and insects such as:

  • Horses
  • Camels
  • Elephants
  • Giraffes
  • Kangaroos
  • Sheep
  • Dogs
  • Coral Reef Fish
  • Whales
  • Dolphins
  • Salmon
  • Sea Turtles
  • Sea Snails
  • Cuttlefish
  • Jellyfish
  • Penguins
  • Albatrosses
  • Hummingbirds
  • Eagles
  • Dragonflies and Damselflies
  • Butterflies and Moths
  • Bombardier Beetles
  • Ants
  • Bees
  • Dung Beetles

The section on birds also shows how God’s hand is evident in the design of things such as a bird’s bones and muscles, wings and feathers, breathing system, and syrinx. It also discusses migration, distance gliding, aerial acrobatics, and more.

The books then move on to exploring stars, the planets in our solar system, and how to understand how distant starlight is compatible with a young Earth. The books return to Earth and look at the existence of beauty, the incredible way mathematical patterns and precision have been observed in our world, and how both inorganic and organic materials are perfectly suited for our use.

The books conclude with a look at the intricate design of our own body systems and a study of rock layers, dinosaurs, radioactive dating, and what went wrong in this world.

Optional bonus projects in A Journey Through Creation Notebook Companion™ include:

  • Land Mammals Comparative Chart
  • Sea Creatures Research Project, Art Project, and Bible-Related Project
  • Bird Flight Simulator Project
  • Insects Research Project
  • Stargazing Project
  • Beauty and Color Palette Project
  • Mathematics Project
  • Materials Project
  • Anatomy Project
  • Apologetics Writing Project

Many of the projects have space for students to reflect on what they’ve learned and record their thoughts.

An added bonus includes printable cards on the Days of Creation and a Quick Reference poster summarizing the seven days.

There is no prep-work involved. Just grab a copy of the Wonders of Creation by Master Books (sold separately), and work through it and A Journey Through Creation Notebook Companion™ at the pace that is right for your homeschool.

Master Books Wonders of Creation

4 reviews for A Journey Through Creation – A Master Books Notebook Companion™

  1. Jolie Simmons

    One could use this with the pacing guide or self pacing, if you don’t mind it being done quicker or slower than 16 weeks. For an 8th grade male, with learning challenges and who hates writing, it works great for him to follow instructions at the top of the page with 2-4 pages reading from Wonders of Creation book and answering questions/drawing 1-2 items, with this nicely in step with the book, notebook companion.

    For example horses (2 pages), or sea snails and cuttlefish (3 pages) or flowers and trees (2 pages). He also reads a supplemental chapter in a subject within the science field (volcanoes, cells, inventions, inventors, etc.) with pure verbal narration.

    I really love how the book is written in bite size sections, within the chapter, making the flow of the notebook perfect for us. And the questions are in sequential order and not mixed around, so I don’t have to spend more time figuring out where to break it up into a workable length. It’s already done! We enjoy the beautiful color book too. Only wish it had a glossary and bold words through out. But of course the boy was so happy it didn’t 😂😉 Jolie

  2. Lynn

    I love this! “A Journey Through Creation” is brilliant! Master Book’s “Wonders of Creation (Design in a Fallen World)” and this notebook companion combine science and apologetics and cover so many topics in fascinating detail – God’s creation is amazing!

    The activities in the notebook are well thought-out and cover the content of the main text, “Wonders of Creation”, very well. Tasks include open-ended questions, Bible verses copywork, writing definitions using the information in the text, drawing, illustrating, sketching, labelling realistic black and white illustrations that are provided in the notebook, summarising information, and reflecting on God’s Word, design and purpose. There are also additional bonus projects, eg: “Explore relevant Bible passages that highlight the importance of cooperation, unity, and serving others within a community (e.g., Romans 12:4-5, […]). Choose a passage […]. Reflect on how these Biblical principles can be observed in the behaviors and structures of insect communities as well as their relevance to human communities.” Check out the sample!

    As a Christian, I think it’s important to study science alongside the Bible/from a Biblical worldview and using “Wonders of Creation” with this notebook companion is a great way to do so. It’s engaging, varied and open-and-go. I plan to use this notebook when my boys are a little older (currently primary school-aged); they love learning about animals and are fans of the “Nature Anatomy” notebooks (secular) and notebooking with the “Answers for Kids” books, so I am sure they will love this. Highly recommended!

  3. Denise Rodriguez

    This is a full16 week unit that comes with a full Planning and Pacing Guide. The Pacing guide is set up to guide you through 5 days a week, 1 day of journal prompts, 1 day with project ideas, and 3 days answering questions following the book. There is quite a bit of writing work with this one, it is geared for middle school and high school students. My daughter had some interest, she is almost in middle school so we will be using this and stretching it past the 16 weeks to fit her pace.

  4. Katherine Tanyu

    I appreciate the pacing guide included in the product. As per the guide, this can be completed in 16 weeks. You may also stretch it however it fits in your homeschool. This book is both a science and apologetics course for middle to high school students. It goes through aspects of creation (animals, astronomy, mathematics, materials, and anatomy).

    The student will be doing a lot of writing and summarizing–it is very comprehensive. As with other notebooks, there are also spaces for sketching. The book and notebook companion will go back to the days of creation, stating facts and information which can help the student in defending the faith.

    Included are research projects and journal prompts that can challenge your student.

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