Daily Skill Building: Vocabulary and Spelling Grade 4 Bundle

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Are you looking for an EASY open-and-go vocabulary and spelling curriculum that will enhance your student’s vocabulary AND teach them how to spell new words? Daily Skill Building: Vocabulary and Daily Skill Building: Spelling were created with busy homeschooling moms in mind – no teacher guide is needed!

Spelling – 230 pages, Vocabulary 201 pages | This is a digital only resource.

*Digital Product - purchase one per household only.

Daily Skill Building: Vocabulary

Are you looking for an independent open-and-go curriculum that will enhance your student’s vocabulary? Daily Skill Building: Vocabulary is a complete, 36-week vocabulary curriculum for grades 1-7. This simple, straight-forward approach to vocabulary building is easy to use and encourages independent study. The format is designed to be flexible — meaning  you can assign more than one word a day if you wish to complete it sooner.

Volume 4 is for 4th grade. The Second Edition has 202 pages in black and white to save on ink.

Each week presents four new words (one per day) with a weekly review on day five. Your student will be asked to define the new word using a dictionary, use it in a sentence, and list synonyms and antonyms. Every 4th week includes an additional review using the most recent 16 words studied plus a short writing assignment (for grades 1-3 this is 2 sentences and an area to draw an illustration. Grades 4-7 require more writing). You can see the sample of the unit review for this level by clicking the button above.

For your convenience, we include a glossary of words by week and order studied. Students may use either the glossary for their daily assignments or a dictionary. We recommend the Webster’s For Students Dictionary/Thesaurus set as well as and

Vocabulary Cards

There are two formats for the Vocabulary Cards that accompany each Volume of Daily Skill Building: Vocabulary. The first format includes the word, along with the week and day for easy reference, as well as the definition. The second card has the word, along with the week and day and blank lines for the student to write the definition. The Vocabulary Cards can be laminated for durability and used for retention and review.

Daily Skill Building: Spelling

Daily Skill Building: Spelling is a complete 36-week spelling curriculum created as a companion for our Daily Skill Building: Vocabulary Series.

Formatted for a 5-day schedule with printables for extra practice:

  • copywork
  • write & draw
  • alphabetization exercises
  • pretests
  • and more!

Daily Skill Building: Spelling will broaden both verbal and written skills—PLUS increase your student’s dictionary and thesaurus knowledge.

No need for a teacher’s guide. Just like our vocabulary curriculum, Daily Skill Building: Spelling is an easy to use, “open-and-go” resource. 

2 reviews for Daily Skill Building: Vocabulary and Spelling Grade 4 Bundle

  1. Ashley McCoy

    My 10 yr old loves this vocabulary/spelling! We were using another workbook from another company and felt like she just hurried to get it done and didn’t really retain it, and when she started this she actually smiled after her first lesson and said that was really fun! Everyday she likes to tell me what new word she learned today! She actually used one of the words complimenting her sibling! I did purchase a grade lower then what she is at, I viewed the sample and didn’t want the words to be too difficult spelling wise and feel like it’s perfect.

  2. Jenna Harper

    This bundle is amazing. I would highly recommend it as a sole curriculum or include it with whatever you are doing for language. The way the spelling words are given and created, the kids learn about words with similar meanings, which helps grow their vocabulary. They also learn the meanings of the words, not just the spelling. Each week is dedicated to a set of words and the daily activities help them to remember what they learn.

    • Carrie Fernandez

      Thank you for your feedback – so glad you are enjoying it. My children have an AMAZING vocabulary because of it! 🙂

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