Electing The Leader: Exploring Presidential Elections

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Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of American politics? Look no further! Electing The Leader: Exploring Presidential Elections is here to take your students on an engaging and educational journey through the U.S. presidential election process.

Designed specifically for students in grades 3-8, this open-and-go unit study on elections provides a comprehensive exploration of how presidents are elected in our great nation. With its all-inclusive approach, you can get started today without having to purchase anything else!

27 pages | for grades 3-8

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Electing The Leader: Exploring Presidential Elections


In this election unit study, students will explore the history and significance of presidential elections, gaining a deep understanding of their importance in shaping our democracy. They will delve into topics such as:

Understanding Democracy

Students will learn about the fundamental principles of democracy and how it functions as a system of government. They will explore concepts such as citizen participation, majority rule, and protection of individual rights.

Roles of Government

Explore the various roles and responsibilities of different levels of government, including local, state, and national. Students will understand how each level contributes to maintaining order, providing services, and protecting the rights of citizens.

What is an Election?

Students will gain an understanding of what elections are and why they are important in a democratic society. They will learn about the purpose of elections in choosing leaders and making collective decisions.

Candidates and Campaigns

Introduce students to the concept of political candidates and their campaigns. Students will explore how candidates present themselves to voters, communicate their ideas, and compete for public support.

Political Parties

Students will learn about political parties and their role in the democratic process. They will understand how parties organize around shared beliefs and values, nominate candidates for office, and influence policy decisions.

Importance of Voting

Learn about the importance of voting as a civic responsibility. Students will explore why voting matters in a democracy, how it gives citizens a voice in decision-making processes, and encourages active participation in shaping their community.

Electoral College

Students will delve into the Electoral College system used in presidential elections. They will learn about its history, purpose, and how it impacts the election process by determining who becomes the President of the United States.

Election Day

This lesson focuses on Election Day itself – its significance as a culmination of the electoral process. Students will understand how elections are conducted on this day, including voter registration procedures and casting ballots.

Inauguration Day

In the final lesson od our election unit study, students will explore the significance of Inauguration Day as the official swearing-in ceremony for the President. They will learn about the traditions and rituals associated with this day and its importance in the peaceful transfer of power.

Electing The Leader combines interactive lessons, engaging activities, thought-provoking discussions, and creative projects to make learning about the U.S. presidential election process both fun and meaningful. Each lesson is carefully crafted with age-appropriate content, ensuring that every student can actively participate and grasp key concepts.

After completing this unit, students will be able to:

  • Define democracy, explain its fundamental concept of decision-making through voting, and understand the importance of everyone’s voice in a democratic system.
  •  Describe the purpose of government, differentiate between different levels of government, and recognize the role of government in maintaining order and protecting citizens.
  • Define an election, understand its purpose in choosing leaders, and draw parallels between elections and making choices in their daily lives.
  • Identify the presidential election as a significant event in the United States, name the leader chosen in a presidential election, and explain the presidential term length.
  • Define candidates, describe their role in elections, and comprehend that candidates represent different ideas and plans for the country.
  • Explain how candidates campaign, understand the role of political parties, and recognize political symbols associated with parties.
  • Understand the importance of voter registration and explain how adults participate in the voting process.
  • Describe the steps involved in the voting process, including finding polling places and marking ballots.
  • Explain how votes are counted and understand how the winner is determined in an election.
  • Describe the significance of Inauguration Day, understand the peaceful transition of power, and recognize the new president’s role.

As a busy homeschool parent, we understand that your time is valuable. That’s why we’ve designed this curriculum to be open-and-go, allowing you to confidently lead your students through each lesson without any extra preparation or research required.

With Electing The Leader, your students will not only gain a solid understanding of the presidential election process but also develop critical thinking skills, enhance their research abilities, and become active participants in our democratic society.

Equip your students with the knowledge they need to become informed citizens and future leaders. Get your copy of Electing The Leader today and embark on an unforgettable journey through the U.S. presidential election process!

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  1. Katherine Tanyu

    I love this unit study, because it is really just open and go! I do not need to research–everything about the U.S. presidential elections is here. This is geared towards middle school as the terms are a bit complicated, but younger children can listen in and get the gist of it. I appreciate Lesson 6: Importance of Voting very much. Not many people feel it is necessary to vote–it is actually our right, so we should practice it! There is a mock election activity at the end which can help in picturing out the process. Writing activities and knowledge checks (with answer key) are provided in this 27-page complete unit study.

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