Presidential Pathways: Exploring the Lives of U.S. Presidents

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Introducing Presidential Pathways: Exploring the Lives of U.S. Presidents, an exciting open-and-go notebooking unit that will take your child on a captivating journey through American history.

As a publisher-approved Notebook Companion™ for Meet the Chief by Master Books (sold separately), this unit is designed to make learning about U.S. presidents easy, engaging, and self-paced.

Ideal for students in grades 3 and up, Presidential Pathways provides a comprehensive exploration of each past president’s life, accomplishments, famous quotes, and important events during their time of service. By using our Notebook Companion™ alongside Meet the Chief, your child will gain a deep understanding of the impact these leaders had on our nation and how they shaped American history.

174 black and white pages | for grades 3 and up | This is a digital only resource.

Learn About U.S. Elections

Explore the election process by adding on some of our easy-to-use resources.

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Presidential Pathways: Exploring the Lives of U.S. Presidents


With its user-friendly format, Presidential Pathways takes the stress out of homeschooling by providing an open-and-go solution. No need to spend hours planning or researching materials – everything you need is conveniently organized and ready to use. Simply grab your Notebook Companion™ and Meet the Chief (sold separately) and dive into the fascinating world of U.S. presidents.

Your child will have the opportunity to explore the lives of our past presidents, discover interesting facts, and participate in interactive activities that bring history to life. By actively engaging with the material, they will develop critical thinking skills and a greater appreciation for our country’s leaders.

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Self-Paced Notebooking

Presidential Pathways is designed with flexibility in mind. Whether you prefer to follow a specific schedule or allow your child to work at their own pace, this Notebook Companion™ can easily adapt to fit your homeschooling needs. You can confidently tailor it to suit your child’s learning style while still covering all essential topics.

Start your child’s presidential journey today with Presidential Pathways: Exploring the Lives of U.S. Presidents. Watch as their knowledge and love for history flourish, and see them become inspired by the remarkable leaders who shaped our nation.

How to Use This Notebook Companion™

All our Notebook Companions are self-paced. You simply use the Notebook Companion™ alongside Meet The Chief, and students complete the notebooking pages as you read through the book together or independently.

Components of This Notebook:

  • Vocabulary Pages – Students review key vocabulary that occurs throughout the book.
  • Introduction / Presidential Oath – Students explore the first few pages of the book and learn about the president’s role.
  • President Pages – Students learn about each president, record key information, and answer review questions.
  • Reflection Questions – Students answer questions that require them to reflect upon the entire book.
  • Presidential Trivia – Students review the fun and interesting facts they learned about the presidents. (Answer key provided at the end of the book.)
  • Presidential Elections Project – Students research different presidential elections, organize their findings, and create a final project.
  • Speech Analysis Project – Students select a presidential speech, research the history of the time it was delivered, and analyze its impact.
  • Portrait and Period Project – Students combine history and art in this project. After researching a president and his time period, they create a final visual art project that represents both.

1 review for Presidential Pathways: Exploring the Lives of U.S. Presidents

  1. Katherine Tanyu

    “Presidential Pathways: Exploring the Lives of U.S. Presidents” is a 174-page notebook companion to “Meet the Chief! A Fun Look at the U.S. Presidents”. If your kid is like mine, reading the thick volume P of the encyclopedia is considered really fun because of the topic “Presidents of the United States”. The notebook has a very helpful pacing guide for the semester and academic year. All the important vocabulary is laid out ready for entering the definitions. There are fact boxes per president, so dates of birth and death can easily be listed. Discussion questions help the student in internalizing information. There is a mixture of copywork, timeline, and drawing activating which makes the notebook quite balanced. Space for personal reflections, additional insights, and speech analysis are provided; so the student is encouraged to analyze and think for himself–not just fact search.

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