Keep Quiet Challenge Bundle (Women & Kids)


Taming your tongue is no doubt a difficult task, but it’s not impossible!

Do words just fly out of your mouth when you open it? Maybe you are tired, stressed out, worried, or just irritated and you don’t mean to take it out on your family – but you do. When we lash out, even if unintentionally, it harms those we love.

This bundle set includes two versions of the Keep Quiet Challenge – one for women/moms and one for children.

239 b&w pages combined, 27 flashcard pages

*Digital Product - purchase one per household only.

Keep Quiet Challenge Bundle (Women & Kids)

View sample of women’s version

View sample of the version for kids

Individual product pages: Keep Quiet Challenge for Kids | Keep Quiet Challenge for Women

If you are looking for lasting change for your family, you can work on softening your tone together when you buy the Keep Quiet Challenge Bundle!

Several of the Challenges are the same in each study, such as Tame Your Tone of Voice, Think Before You Speak, and Avoid Being Negative, whereas the Kids version has a few Challenges that are specific to them such as Don’t Talk Back, Don’t Tell Lies, and Stop Whining.

Each of the twelve weekly Challenges include printables to use alongside your study that include Scripture look-up, prayer requests, reflection questions, your weekly action steps, and a devotional.

Also included are flashcards that contain the memory verses for each week, key Scripture, action steps, and prayer requests for each Challenge so you can carry them in your purse or place around your house for extra encouragement.

When you purchase both studies and then you can work on changing your habits together!

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