Keep Quiet Challenge for Kids Add-On Bundle


This is an add-on for Keep Quiet Challenge for Kids – Teaching Children How to Tame Their Tongues

Are you ready to experience lasting change in your children? Do you long for a peaceful home and respectful children?

This add-on will help you get the most out of our Bible study for kids.

Includes: Question Cards, Act-it-Out Cards, and Character Charts – perfect for family study and discussion.

You will need to purchase the Bible Study separately as this is just the add-on.

This is a digital only resource.

Version for Women | Bundle Kids + Women

*Digital Product - purchase one per household only.

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Keep Quiet Challenge for Kids Add-On Bundle

Get the most out of the Keep Quiet Challenge for Kids Bible study with this add-on bundle! Be sure to purchase the Keep Quiet Challenge for Kids separately as it is not included with this bundle. 

Act it Out Cards

Act it out cards are great for family use. There is an Act it Out Card included for each weekly Challenge. Siblings can act out scenarios that will enable them to see how changing their responses can bring about better results in various situations. For example:

Your brother or sister is doing that little thing that annoys you the most. You need to ask them to stop doing it. How do you ask them, and what happens next?

Someone has just hurt your feelings with something they said. You want to say something hurtful back. What do you do, and what happens next?

You are at the store when you see the prettiest or nicest ____ (you fill in the blank) that you’ve ever seen. You ask your mom or dad if you con have it, and they say no. How do you respond?

act it out cards

Question Cards

Question cards are perfect for family discussion time. Each Challenge has a corresponding Question Card that includes question prompts to get discussion flowing. For example:

Who do you usually hove the most trouble with controlling your tone of voice when you talk to them? Why?

Are there things you know you ore keeping bottled up inside?

Why is it important to respect everyone, no matter who they are?

What ore some reasons you might be tempted to tell a lie?

question cards

Character Charts

Track the progress of your children as you work through the Keep Quiet Challenge. Set goals and rewards for good behavior. Use the Character Charts alongside each weekly Challenge to encourage spiritual growth and maturity.

Character Charts

Be sure to purchase the Keep Quiet Challenge for Kids separately as it is not included with this bundle. 


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