Keep Quiet Challenge for Kids – Teaching Children How to Tame Their Tongues

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Do your children struggle with talking back, grumbling & complaining, whining, begging, lying, or other heart issues that live out through their lips?

Written just for kids, this Bible study will help children get a grip on their behavior and learn how to manage their mouths.

131 pages, 14 flashcard pages | Target grades 2-6 (flexible) | This is a digital only resource.

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This add-on will help you get the most out of our Bible study for kids. Includes: Question Cards, Act-it-Out Cards, and Character Charts – perfect for family study and discussion.

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Keep Quiet Challenge for Kids - Teaching Children How to Tame Their Tongues

What’s Included in the Keep Quiet Challenge for Kids:

  • Relatable Stories
  • Devotions
  • Comprehension Questions
  • Scripture Memory
  • Self-Reflection
  • Action Steps

Also included are flashcards that contain the memory verses for each week, key Scripture, action steps, and prayer requests for each Challenge.

You are not alone…

We asked moms why they needed the Keep Quiet Challenge for KidsWe had hundreds of replies and they all sang the same tune –  struggles with grumbling, lying, talking back, begging…

“I can foresee this study being a game changer for our whole family.”

– Molly, Maine

“I am almost to my breaking point. We all need to learn some respect for each other. I’m mentally and physically exhausted. I can’t wait for this to be released.”

– Heather, North Carolina

“My children let me know just how much they want to be in charge by talking back frequently, sometimes lying, and also begging. This study would be a great way for us to learn to tame our tongues together and bring more peace to our home.”

– Kayla, Tennessee

“The tattling and lying starts first thing in the morning for our five kids…. I need help!”

– Eve, Washington

“We need a Bible study like this for our children, because we are both so tired of the grumbling and complaining that comes with chore time, school time, any time!”

– Sunny, West Virginia

“This is something my family needs! The kids keep arguing, whining, and begging till I lose my cool, and this means the atmosphere in our home is not the peaceful, joy-filled atmosphere I long for. I need help!”

– Melissa, Okinawa, Japan

If you are looking for lasting change in your family, the original version of the Keep Quiet Challenge was written just for women. Several of the Challenges are the same in each study, such as Tame Your Tone of Voice, Think Before You Speak, and Avoid Being Negative, whereas the Kids version has a few Challenges that are specific to them such as Don’t Talk Back, Don’t Tell Lies, and Stop Whining.

When you purchase both studies you can work on changing your habits together! You also save when you buy the bundle.

Keep Quiet Challenge Bundle - Taming the Tongue Bible Study

9 reviews for Keep Quiet Challenge for Kids – Teaching Children How to Tame Their Tongues

  1. Holly Carter

    We will be starting this study next week and I’m so excited about it! As I’ve been printing pages and making these into books for my kids I’ve been so impressed by the array of topics covered in Taming Your Tongue. Even if you have a child that doesn’t back talk there are so many other lessons that are covered such as whining, complaining, boasting, thinking before you speak, and not being negative. Excited to see the transformation that this exceptional study (and God’s leading) will bring to my family!

  2. Stevie Spears

    When I began staying at home with my children years ago, I just assumed we would all have great attitudes! WRONG! LOL! It just seemed like there was always tension in our home in the way my children treated each other. Bad moods, whining, complaining, etc. That’s when I realized, I will really have to discipline and train my children in all those areas. This book has been a game changer! I bought the version for kids and mothers. I am not immune to struggling with bad habits as well! The topic that really stopped me in my tracks was the “negativity” challenge and oh man, it really became obvious that my whole family struggles with pessimism. IT was an eye opener for me! The detailed scenarios are great because it gave my children a chance to actually think about what they need to work when they respond to their siblings. I highly, highly recommend this product for any family!!!

  3. Laura D

    The scenarios for evaluation are incredibly helpful as a form of “feedback” for how ugly and selfish hastily-spoken words actually sound. Paring the evaluation scenarios with Scripture memory to reach the soul and establish truth, and weaving both together with self-reflection skills makes this an incredible (yet simple and non-threatening) study!

  4. Lynn

    I’m thankful to God for these words (above) of my 9 year old after I asked him for his thoughts about the study so far. Praise God! I am a home educating/schooling mama of three boys in the UK and we are currently in our second week of the study. I absolutely love it! The “Keep Quiet Challenge for Kids” is full of wisdom, insight, and the light of the Word of God. The lessons are edifying, the scenarios and stories are very relatable, and the discussions they have led to have been fruitful. It has helped to shed so much light in myself and my children, as we have talked through the different given scenarios, discussed the devotionals, and reflected on what we have learned, linking back to things we have said or had said to us in the past and writing down prayers to bring our own specific struggles before the Lord. This is a much needed Bible study in my family, and we look forward to the coming chapters. Everything from taming your tone of voice to not whining, not talking back, thinking before you speak, not wearing words on your face, and much more is covered – it’s brilliant! THANK YOU to the authors for producing this wonderful study!

  5. T Sinner

    I purchased both taming the tongue, for adults and kids. It has always been a struggle to hold back my thoughts. As a family, we read My Mouth is a Volcano and read scripture, but it just wasn’t enough. These studies together have helped myself and our children to learn how to stop, think and speak. These studies are highly recommended if you are struggling with holding your tongue. I am very thankful for how well these are put together.

    • Daily Skill Building

      We read My Mouth is a Volcano when my daughter was little! Such a cute book. I am glad that you have gotten so much out of the Bible studies. I find myself going back to them time and time again – anytime I start struggling to manage my mouth! Thanks for your review. 🙂

  6. Angela Deutsch

    I am so excited to do this Bible study along with my 4 kids. It is so important to learn that your words really matter! Thank you for all of your great studies.

  7. Judy

    We desperately need this Bible study for my son. He opens his mouth and words fly out, without giving any thought to consequences or how much damage they can cause.  His mouth is like a volcano, erupting at any time – and all the time!

  8. Melissa, Okinawa, Japan

    This is something my family needs! The kids keep arguing, whining, and begging till I lose my cool, and this means the atmosphere in our home is not the peaceful, joy-filled atmosphere I long for. I need help!

  9. Molly

    I can foresee this study being a game changer for our whole family.

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Get the most out of the Keep Quiet Challenge for Kids Bible study with this add-on bundle!

Act it Out Cards

Act it out cards are great for family use. There is an Act it Out Card included for each weekly Challenge. Siblings can act out scenarios that will enable them to see how changing their responses can bring about better results in various situations. For example:

Your brother or sister is doing that little thing that annoys you the most. You need to ask them to stop doing it. How do you ask them, and what happens next?

Someone has just hurt your feelings with something they said. You want to say something hurtful back. What do you do, and what happens next?

You are at the store when you see the prettiest or nicest ____ (you nil in the blank) that you’ve ever seen. You ask your mom or dad if you con have it, and they say no. How do you respond?

act it out cards

Question Cards

Question cards are perfect for family discussion time. Each Challenge has a corresponding Question Card that includes question prompts to get discussion flowing. For example:

Who do you usually hove the most trouble with controlling your tone of voice when you talk to them? Why?

Are there things you know you ore keeping bottled up inside?

Why is it important to respect everyone, no matter who they are?

What ore some reasons you might be tempted to tell a lie?

question cards

Character Charts

Track the progress of your children as you work through the Keep Quiet Challenge. Set goals and rewards for good behavior. Use the Character Charts alongside each weekly Challenge to encourage spiritual growth and maturity.

Character Charts

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