U.S. State Study Resource Pack Bundle


Do you want to bring your United States study to life like never before? This State Symbols Worksheets and Fact Cards set is full of nearly 400 pages of material you can use to learn about state flags, birds, flowers, and trees. Print just the parts you need.

This set can stand alone or makes a perfect companion to our Daily Skill Building: U.S. Geography.

392 pages: 112 color; 280 b&w

*Digital Product - purchase one per household only.

U.S. State Study Resource Pack Bundle

Each of these four sets includes:

  • key information about the symbol
  • worksheets where students can color a picture of the symbol and fill in the information they’ve learned
  • matching worksheets
  • 50 full color flash cards with the key information
  • 50 black and white flash cards where students can fill in the key information and color the pictures if they choose

For the State Flags Worksheets and Fact Cards, students will learn when each flag was adopted along with the meaning of:

  • colors used in the flags
  • motto and inscriptions
  • dates on flags
  • symbols used
  • and more depending on the elements of each flag

For the units on state birds, state flowers, and state trees, students will learn:

  • scientific name for each symbol
  • key information such as size, color, etc.
  • other interesting facts about the symbol

It’s a fun way to learn things about the United States—and maybe even your own state—that you’ve never learned before.


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