150 Creative Christmas Writing Prompt Activities for Kids

Using Christmas writing prompts is a great way to encourage students to continue working on writing skills during the month of December. Need some good ideas and inspiration? We’ve compiled 150 Christmas writing activities, journaling prompts, creative story starters, and more.

Christmas Writing Prompts

Christmas Writing Activities

Just because we take time off from school in December doesn’t mean that learning stops! During December we switch gears and do some gentle Christmas schooling. For geography, we learn about how others celebrate Christmas in different countries and cultures doing a Christmas Around the World Unit Study.

You can incorporate Christmas around the world activities as a family for a fun learning experience. You can even learn how to say Merry Christmas in different languages.

One fun way to incorporate writing actvitivies during December is to encourage students using Christmas writing prompts.

We’ve put together 150 Christmas writing activities for you in different categories: Christian writing prompts for Christmas, Christmas Eve-themed writing prompts, writing prompts about Christmas festivities, Christmas writing prompts on traditions, Christmas morning writing prompts and even some fun “Would You Rather” Christmas writing prompts.

We also have some fun Christmas story starters that can be used as a great activity for beefing up creative writing skills. We haven’t included anything about Santa Claus or the North Pole in our fun Christmas writing prompts.

Be sure to check out our open-and-go unit study for a fun way to learn about Christmas around the world.

Christmas Around The World Unit Study

Christmas Writing Prompts for Christians

If you are a Christian, encourage your children to choose one of these Christmas writing activities as a journal writing prompt.

  1. Reflect on the true meaning of Christmas and how it impacts your faith.
  2. Write a letter to Jesus expressing gratitude for His birth and sacrifice.
  3. Share your favorite Bible verse about Christ’s birth and explain why it resonates with you.
  4. Imagine being present in Bethlehem on the night of Jesus’ birth – describe what you see, hear, and feel.
  5. Write a poem celebrating the miracle of Christ’s arrival into our world.
  6. Explore the symbolism behind common nativity scene elements like shepherds, wise men, and angels.
  7. Discuss how you can spread love and kindness during this special time of year as followers of Christ.
  8. Narrate a fictional story about a family discovering the true reason for celebrating Christmas.
  9. Explain why giving is more important than receiving during this holiday season from a Christian perspective.
  10. Write an essay discussing Mary’s role in God’s plan for salvation through her willingness to become Jesus’ mother.
  11. Share personal experiences where prayer has played an essential role in embracing peace amidst holiday chaos.
  12. Reflect upon moments when God’s grace was evident throughout previous holiday seasons spent with loved ones near or far away.
  13. Describe how Christians can use their voices to share messages rooted in hope, love, joy, and peace during the Christmas season.
  14. Write a story about how a family finds creative ways to give back to their community in Jesus’ name throughout December.
  15. Explain what it means to you personally when we say that Jesus is the reason for the season.
  16. Reflect on favorite hymns or worship songs associated with Christmas and discuss why they hold special meaning.
  17. Describe your ideal way of celebrating Christmas while honoring God’s love and grace.
  18. Explain how Christians can be lights shining brightly in a world that sometimes forgets the true message of Christmas.
  19. Retell the Christmas story in your own words.
  20. Explore different ways Christian families can incorporate service projects into their holiday traditions, focusing on helping those in need.

girl and mom writing in front of Christmas tree

Christmas Eve-themed Writing Prompts

Everyone loves Christmas Eve! It’s a day filled with anticipation and excitement. A great way to use these Christmas Eve writing prompts is to break them out durin a quite-time activity.

  • Reflect on your favorite Christmas Eve traditions and why they are special to you.
  • Describe the feeling of anticipation as you wait for Christmas morning on Christmas Eve night.
  • Write a story about a magical, starry night adventure that happens on Christmas Eve.
  • Share your memories of decorating the house with lights and ornaments on Christmas Eve.
  • Imagine what it would be like to spend Christmas Eve in a different country or culture and write about it.
  • Write a letter to someone you love, expressing your gratitude for their presence in your life during the holiday season.
  • Describe how the atmosphere changes as dusk settles on Christmas Eve, bringing an air of excitement and warmth.
  • Recall a time when you received an unexpected act of kindness or generosity on Christmas Eve and describe its impact on you.
  • Write about the joyous sounds that fill the air during caroling sessions held in neighborhoods on Christmas Eve.
  • Share your thoughts about gathering around a cozy fireplace with loved ones, exchanging stories and laughter late into the night on Christmas Eve.
  • Recount the experience of preparing delicious food together as a family for a festive dinner.
  • Describe how people come together at community events such as candlelight vigils or charity drives to share love and support with others less fortunate than themselves.
  • Write about participating in festive activities such as ice-skating under twinkling lights at outdoor rinks set up especially for this occasion.
  • Share insights into creating handmade gifts or cards for loved ones which capture both thoughtfulness & creativity.
  • Imagine being transported back in time to witness historical celebrations marking this significant event- write down what you observe & feel.
  • Recognize efforts made by local organizations who organize free concerts featuring traditional music performed by talented musicians from diverse backgrounds.
  • Reflect upon moments spent watching classic holiday movies that remind us all of the magic and wonder of this season.
  • Describe how communities come together to create stunning light displays throughout neighborhoods, transforming them into enchanting winter wonderlands.
  • Write a poem capturing the essence of Christmas Eve, using vivid imagery and heartfelt emotions.
  • Share your favorite family traditions that make Christmas Eve unforgettable year after year.
  • Recall a time when you witnessed an act of kindness or generosity on Christmas Eve that had a profound impact on someone’s life.
  • Write about the excitement and joy of exchanging small gifts with friends or siblings on Christmas Eve.
  • Reflect on the beauty of candlelight services held in churches on Christmas Eve, creating a peaceful and solemn atmosphere.
  • Describe the magical feeling as snowflakes fall gently from the sky on Christmas Eve night.
  • Share your thoughts about spending quality time with loved ones, playing games or telling stories by candlelight on Christmas Eve evening.

Christmas gifts

Writing Prompts about Christmas Festivities

It’s fun to spread Christmas cheer by participating in various Christmas activities. Christmas is a great time of the year to share the holiday spirit with others. Use these Christmas writing ideas to inspire young learners to get creative with their writing lesson.

  • Describe your favorite Christmas tradition and explain why it is meaningful to you.
  • Write a step-by-step guide on how to make homemade holiday decorations.
  • Share a story of a heartwarming act of kindness that you witnessed during the Christmas season.
  • Discuss the significance of giving back to others during the holidays and suggest ways people can do so.
  • Write about your most memorable Christmas meal or feast, including all the delicious dishes served.
  • Describe a special handmade gift that you have given or received for Christmas and why it was so meaningful.
  • Share tips for creating an eco-friendly holiday celebration, such as using recycled materials for decor or reducing food waste at parties.
  • Discuss creative ways families can celebrate together without focusing on gifts or material things during Christmastime.
  • Explain different types of traditional carols sung during this festive season and their historical origins.
  • Share ideas for hosting an unforgettable holiday movie night with friends or family.
  • Write about popular activities that people enjoy during the holiday season.
  • Discuss various worldwide customs surrounding lighting candles during wintertime festivities.
  • Describe some fun games that families can play together on Christmas Eve.
  • Explore how different countries decorate their homes for Christmas.
  • Share recipes for homemade hot cocoa mixes along with variations like peppermint flavored, marshmallow topped etc…
  • Write about famous parades held around Christmastime in major cities across the globe.
  • Recount your experience attending a live nativity scene performance and its impact on you.
  • Compare modern-day shopping trends (both online & offline) with those of the past during Christmas season.
  • Discuss various ways to create a cozy and warm atmosphere at home for the holidays.
  • Share your favorite Christmas-themed books, movies, or songs.
  • Explain how different cultures celebrate New Year’s Eve around the world with unique customs and traditions.

journaling about Christmas

Christmas Writing Prompts on Traditions

There are so many more holiday traditions than just Christmas presents in December! Christmas time is a great time of wonder and awe as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. You can use these journal prompts to encourage a creative writing lesson on Christmas traditions.

  • Describe a Christmas tradition from a different country or culture.
  • Describe the history and significance behind hanging mistletoe during holiday celebrations.
  • Share the story behind hanging stockings by the fireplace on Christmas Eve.
  • Explain the significance of lighting candles during a Christmas Eve service.
  • Discuss the history and meaning of decorating a Christmas tree with ornaments.
  • Write about the tradition of exchanging handmade gifts with loved ones on Christmas Day.
  • Explore how families celebrate Advent leading up to Christmas.
  • Talk about the tradition of baking and sharing cookies during the holiday season.
  • Describe how families come together for a special meal on Christmas Day.
  • Explore popular traditions associated with caroling in neighborhoods during December.
  • Describe unique customs followed by families when it comes to opening presents under the tree.
  • Explain why some people participate in White Elephant gift exchanges instead of traditional gifting practices.
  • Tell stories passed down through generations that revolve around reading classic literature aloud over winter break.
  • Write about fun-filled activities such as ice skating or building snowmen that families enjoy together during this festive season.
  • Explore ways individuals spread joy and cheer within their communities during Christmastime.
  • Describe meaningful family traditions like writing letters expressing gratitude or love to each other before Christmas.
  • Discuss unique customs and practices followed by different cultures during the Twelve Days of Christmas.
  • Reflect on the importance of spending quality time with loved ones, sharing stories, and creating lasting memories during this special season.

teen girl writing by Christmas tree

Christmas Morning Writing Prompts

Leading up to Christmas, kids love to anticipate the big day. A writing activity about Christmas won’t be as daunting as other types of writing practice. Use these different writing prompts about Christmas morning to get them started.

  • Describe a special Christmas morning tradition in your family.
  • Write about the excitement of waking up early on Christmas morning and discovering the presents under the tree.
  • Share a story about a memorable gift you received on Christmas morning and why it was so meaningful to you.
  • Write about the joy of spending Christmas morning with loved ones, playing games and enjoying each other’s company.
  • Write about the anticipation leading up to opening gifts on Christmas morning and what makes it so exciting for you.
  • Share an experience from past Christmases where something unexpected happened on Christmas morning, but it turned out to be wonderful in the end!
  • Imagine having a magical time machine that could take you back to any past Christmas morning – where would you go, who would be there, and what would make it special?
  • Share some delicious breakfast recipes that families can enjoy together on cozy Christmas mornings at home.
  • Create imaginary scenarios where kids find surprise gifts in unusual places around the house on Christmas morning.
  • Write about the excitement of finding hidden stockings filled with surprises on Christmas morning.
  • Describe a unique cultural tradition celebrated during Christmas mornings in another country.
  • Share ideas for fun indoor activities families can enjoy together after opening presents.
  • Imagine you wake up one special Chirstmas Morning only to discover that all technology has disappeared – write about how people might spend their day differently without any gadgets or devices.

Funny Christmas Writing Prompts

These fun ideas are the perfect addition to a co-op or homeschool group Christmas party. Choose from a variety of writing activities on a fun topic about Christmas.

  • Imagine you wake up on Christmas morning to find that your pet dog has learned how to speak! Write a conversation between you and your talking dog as you open presents.
  • Create a funny dialogue between two snowmen discussing their dreams of becoming famous for something other than melting away.
  • You are tasked with inventing a new type of holiday cookie, but everything goes wrong when your experimental recipe causes cookies to come alive and start having conversations! Describe the chaos that ensues.
  • Imagine if instead of receiving traditional presents, everyone woke up on Christmas morning to find their houses filled with silly prank gifts like exploding confetti-filled stockings or self-unwrapping boxes!
  • Write a humorous poem about the challenges faced by an ambitious gingerbread man who dreams of running away from hungry children at Christmastime.
  • In this fictional world, all snowflakes have unique personalities and can talk! Describe an amusing encounter between two snowflakes arguing over which one is more beautiful or important.

Christmas journaling

Christmas Writing Prompts: Would You Rather

The perfect way to engage older students during holiday break is to introduce some fun “would you rather” prompt ideas to get creative juices flowing.

  • Would you rather have a Christmas tree made entirely of candy canes or a Christmas tree decorated with only twinkling lights?
  • Would you rather receive one big present on Christmas or multiple smaller presents throughout the holiday season?
  • Would you rather build a gingerbread house from scratch or decorate pre-made gingerbread cookies?
  • Would you rather have snow falling gently on Christmas morning or clear blue skies and sunshine?
  • Would you rather listen to classic Christmas carols all day long or modern holiday hits for your entire celebration?
  • Would you rather go ice skating outdoors in the winter wonderland or stay cozy by the fireplace sipping hot chocolate?
  • Would you rather participate in a lively family game night on Christmas Eve or watch your favorite holiday movie marathon?
  • Would you rather wear an ugly Christmas sweater every day for the whole month of December or never be able to wear any festive clothing at all during the holidays?
  • Would you rather bake homemade sugar cookies and decorate them with colorful icing, sprinkles, and edible glitter OR make delicious peppermint bark that melts in your mouth?
  • Would you rather create handmade ornaments out of paper mache OR string popcorn garlands to hang around the house as decorations?
  • Would you rather have an outdoor picnic under twinkling lights with friends on a mild winter evening OR host an elegant dinner party indoors complete with fine China and candlelight?
  • Would you rather go sledding down a snowy hillside giggling uncontrollably OR build sandcastles on warm sandy beaches while listening to waves crashing against shorelines?
  • Would you rather write heartfelt letters to loved ones expressing gratitude Or volunteer at local charities helping those in need during Christmastime?
  • Would you rather create personalized handmade gifts for your family and friends OR shop for unique presents at local artisan markets?
  • Would you rather have a cozy Christmas morning breakfast in bed with hot pancakes and cocoa or a festive brunch with all the trimmings shared with loved ones around a beautifully set table?
  • Would you rather take a magical sleigh ride through snow-covered forests OR go on an exciting tropical adventure exploring vibrant coral reefs underwater?
  • Would you rather make homemade ornaments out of salt dough and paint them brightly or create intricate paper-cut snowflakes to hang around the house as decorations?
  • Would you rather watch classic holiday movies by yourself under a cozy blanket or host a virtual movie night where everyone can join remotely?
  • Would you rather receive one surprise gift every day leading up to Christmas or open all your gifts at once on Christmas morning?
  • Would you rather bake gingerbread cookies shaped like reindeer, elves, and snowflakes that are decorated with colorful icing OR make delicious chocolate truffles rolled in crushed candy canes?
  • Would you rather spend the holidays in a snowy cabin nestled in the mountains surrounded by nature’s beauty OR enjoy sun-filled days on a tropical island getaway during Christmastime?
  • Would you rather attend an enchanting outdoor light display complete with music and dazzling visuals OR visit historical sites dressed up for Christmas celebrations filled with tradition and culture?
    Would you rather go caroling door-to-door spreading joy through song OR participate in community service projects helping those less fortunate during the holiday season?
  • Would you rather have a Christmas dinner with all your favorite traditional dishes or try out new and adventurous cuisines from around the world for a unique holiday feast?

blank paper for Christmas journal

Christmas Story Starters

These story starters are helpful ideas for creative writing lessons about Christmas. There are no more excuses for staring at blank white pages! Use the prompts and encourage brainstorming additional story elements to craft a great creative writing assignment.

  • The old, abandoned toy factory came to life as toys of all shapes and sizes started marching out on their own.
  • While decorating the Christmas tree, I discovered an ancient map hidden within its branches that led to a secret treasure.
  • On a snowy afternoon, my friends and I built an enchanted snowman who magically granted our wishes for one day only.
  • In the attic of our grandparents’ house, we found an antique music box that played enchanting melodies whenever opened during Christmastime.
  • One morning before Christmas, my family woke up to find ourselves transported back in time to experience firsthand how people celebrated the holiday centuries ago.
  • While ice skating at the local pond on Christmas Day, we discovered a hidden cave filled with sparkling crystals that seemed to glow from within.
  • We took part in a neighborhood competition to create the most innovative gingerbread house ever seen – complete with moving parts!
  • A group of talking animals formed their own choir and surprised us with beautiful carols sung under starry skies every night until New Year’s Eve.
  • During a winter hike through snowy mountains near our home town, we stumbled across an enchanted cabin where time stood still and Christmas was celebrated every day.
  • On a cold winter’s night, we discovered an old book of forgotten Christmas traditions that brought laughter, joy, and new experiences to our holiday season.
  • As the snowflakes gently fell outside my window, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of anticipation for Christmas morning.
  • In the small town of Pineville, everyone eagerly awaited the annual lighting of the community Christmas tree.
  • The aroma of freshly baked gingerbread filled the air as families gathered around to decorate their edible masterpieces.
  • I stumbled upon an old dusty box in my grandparents’ attic and discovered a collection of handwritten letters from Christmases long ago.
  • Walking through the bustling holiday market, I came across a mysterious shop selling unique ornaments with magical powers.
  • A group of friends decided to create their own special Christmas tradition by giving handmade gifts that truly expressed their love and creativity.
  •  In our neighborhood, every house competed to have the most elaborate outdoor light displays during the festive season.
  • As we sat around the crackling fireplace on Christmas Eve, my family shared stories about cherished holiday memories from years past.
  • A sudden winter storm unexpectedly stranded me at an enchanting cabin in the woods on Christmas Day.
  • In search of a missing ornament for our Christmas tree, we embarked on an adventure through time as we explored antique stores filled with hidden treasures.
  • While exploring ancient ruins in a distant land over winter break, I stumbled upon clues that led me to uncover forgotten legends surrounding how different cultures celebrate this joyous season.
  • In the midst of holiday preparations, I received an unexpected letter from someone who claimed to be my long-lost relative, inviting me to spend Christmas with them in their quaint countryside cottage.
  • I found myself transported back in time whenI stepped into an enchanted forest adorned with twinkling lights and shimmering ornaments.
  • A mysterious gift appeared on everyone’s doorstep on Christmas morning – an empty journal waiting to be filled with tales of kindness and gratitude from every recipient.
  • An unexpected blizzard stranded travelers at an old inn on Christmas Eve, leading to heartwarming connections and unexpected friendships.

In Conclusion

I hope these Christmas writing activites are helpful for you to use as writing prompts during the holiday season.  Making learning activities fun during Christmastime helps as you ease into taking an extended break.

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