U.S. Government Anchor Charts & Workbook

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Understanding how the government is designed to work is a critical part of learning to be a good citizen and how to vote responsibly. This U.S. Government Anchor Charts & Workbook takes a closer look at the three branches of government as well as many of the departments and agencies that impact our daily lives.

This government unit is targeted for grades 5 and up, but is flexible for use in your homeschool.

44 black and white pages

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U.S. Government Anchor Charts & Workbook

Executive Branch

The unit begins with 2 anchor charts that show the 3 branches of U.S. government. Next are 12 anchor charts that break down the parts of the executive branch. They take a look at the key responsibilities of the:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Cabinet
    • Department of Agriculture
    • Department of Commerce
    • Department of Defense
    • Department of Education
    • Department of Energy
    • Department of Health and Human Services
    • Department of Homeland Security
    • Department of Housing and Urban Development
    • Department of the Interior
    • Department of Justice
    • Department of Labor
    • Department of State
    • Department of Transportation
    • Department of the Treasury
    • Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Executive Office of the President
    • Council of Economic Advisers
    • Council on Environmental Quality
    • Office of Management and Budget
    • National Security Council
    • Office of National Drug Control Policy
    • Office of Science and Technology Policy

Judicial Branch

Next are two anchor charts for the judicial branch. They include:

  • list of the 17 Chief Justices including when they served and which President appointed them
  • list of the current justices including when they took their seat and which President appointed them

Legislative Branch

After studying the executive branch and judicial branch, there are two anchor charts to help students learn about the legislative branch. Each chart includes the key responsibilities and a list of the standing committees of both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Review Worksheets

The next section of the unit includes 16 review worksheets that ask questions about the information contained on the anchor charts including the key responsibilities of each position or department.

Two additional worksheets give students space to record the names of the officials who currently hold each of the positions so they can remember to pray for them.

An answer key is also provided. The entire U.S. Government Anchor Charts & Workbook is a great way to help kids understand how the government works and some of the many pieces that all must work together to run a nation.


1 review for U.S. Government Anchor Charts & Workbook

  1. Yvie

    A fantastic accompaniment to any government and civics curriculum, this starts out with ‘cheat sheets’ that show the branches of government, duties of these branches, and important historic figures in government. There are also reproducible sheets to guide further research into each of the smaller branches of government, including the various departments that are represented on the President’s cabinet. If your student completes this workbook, they will know more than the average citizen about how our government works!

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