My Notebook of Answers Volume 7 – Companion to The Answers Book for Kids


Kids can notebook their way through a biblical worldview using My Notebook of Answers, a companion to The Answers Book for Kids series published by Master Books, sold separately.

Volume 7 focuses on answering questions kids may wonder about evolution and the age of the earth:

  • How old is the earth and universe?
  • Why is the belief in evolution more popular than creation?
  • Where did the idea of millions of years come from?
  • Were the continents ever connected?

46 pages

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My Notebook of Answers Volume 7

Help build a biblical worldview for elementary students with this easy-to-use, open and go notebooking approach. My Notebook of Answers Volume 7 is a Companion to The Answers Book for Kids Volume 7, sold separately.

My Notebook of Answers contains a notebooking page for each of the questions that are addressed in the The Answers Book for Kids series. There is also a place to illustrate what they have learned or to draw a picture, as well as a copywork section for Scripture verses referenced in the book. Instead of using a specific Bible translation, we simply listed out up to two Scripture references per question, taken directly from the book so children can copy from the Bible they use at home.

The target age group for this series is elementary students.

Each of the eight volumes in the series targets a specific category:

  • Volume 1: Creation and the Fall
  • Volume 2: Dinosaurs and the Flood of Noah
  • Volume 3: God and the Bible
  • Volume 4: Sin, Salvation, and the Christian Life
  • Volume 5: Space and Astronomy
  • Volume 6: Babel and the Ice Age
  • Volume 7: Evolution and “Millions of Years”
  • Volume 8: Satan and Angels

The Answers Book for Kids series was created by Ken Ham and the creative team at Answers in Genesis, published by Master Books. The My Notebook of Answers series was created with permission from the publisher.


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