The Answers Books Companion Notebooking Journals

We have two levels of Notebook Companions for this Master Books series. One level is suitable for older students and the other is geared towards children in elementary grades.

For Students in Grades 8-12

Do you ever wish you had solid biblical answers to some of life’s hardest scientific questions? Dinosaurs? UFOs? Age of the Earth? Intelligent Design? Evolution? Cloning and Stem Cells? Global Warming? Existence of God? Now you can!

Through challenging, thought-provoking questions, The Answers Notebook Series will help your student develop a scientific, yet entirely biblical, worldview.

Each chapter includes thought-provoking questions dealing with a difficult question, argument, or challenge to the biblical scientific worldview. As the textbook presents facts, statistics, and information, students will have the opportunity to define, explain, or give their opinion on the information they encounter.

For Elementary Students

My Notebook of Answers are companion notebooking journals to The Answers Book for Kids seriessold separately.

Your elementary-aged students will appreciate the easy-to-use, open and go notebooking approach that will explain biblical truths in a way they can understand.

My Notebook of Answers contains a notebooking page for each of the questions that are addressed in the The Answers Book for Kids series. There is also a place to illustrate what they have learned or to draw a picture, as well as a copywork section for Scripture verses referenced in the book.

Each of the eight volumes in the series targets a specific category:

You can purchase My Notebook of Answers (for younger students) volumes separately for $3.99 each or the set of all 8 volumes for $24.99 (savings of over 20%).


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