Sight Words Flash Cards for Beginners Level Three


Help your beginning readers learn to recognize more than 200 sight words with these Sight Word Flash Cards for Beginners! 

Teaching children how to read sight words is an important skill for all young readers, since not all words can be sounded out. You can use these sight word flash cards for review, a word wall, games, or just general reading practice.

With five levels to choose from, you can start at the level right for your student, or save when you buy multiple levels.

*Digital Product - purchase one per household only.

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Sight Words Flash Cards for Beginners

Each flash card includes a sentence that uses the sight word and a fun picture illustrating the sentence.

There are 213 total words included, and both a color and a black and white card for each word in included for a total of 426 flash cards.

You can use the color version or have your child color the black and white set. You might decide to use the color set for practice and give your child the black and white set to color as review, use the cards to make a game, or lots of other options.

There are many ways you can use these helpful flash cards to help your beginning reader master reading!


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