Birds Around the World – A Notebook Companion™ for Sounds of Nature: World of Birds


The Sounds of Nature series brings your kids a chance to not only read about animals from all over the world but hear them as well. This publisher-approved Notebook Companion™ is the perfect way to use these engaging titles in your homeschool.

Sounds of Nature: World of Birds (sold separately) and our Birds Around The World Notebook Companion™ is all you need to introduce your students to ten different habitats and some of incredible birds that live in them.

162 black & white pages | This is a digital only resource.

Grades K-3 | Primary dashed lines for beginning writers

*Digital Product - purchase one per household only.

Birds Around the World - A Notebook Companion™ for the Sounds of Nature Series


With the Birds Around The World Notebook Companion™  and Sounds of Nature: World of Birds (sold separately), you and your kids can explore ten different habitats and introduce them to more than 60 of the birds that make their homes there. There’s no prep-work required. You simply grab your copy of Sounds of Nature: World of Birds (sold separately) and the Birds Around The World Notebook Companion™ and work through the two books at your own pace.

Explore these fascinating habitats and the birds that live in them:

  • Birds in the Rainforest Habitat
  • Birds in the Mountains Habitat
  • Birds in the Desert Habitat 
  • Birds in the Prairie Habitat 
  • Birds in the Woods Habitat 
  • Birds in the Ice Habitat 
  • Birds in the Wetlands Habitat 
  • Birds in the City Habitat 
  • Birds in the Ocean Habitat 
  • Birds in the Bush Habitat 

Sounds of Nature: World of Birds

Sounds of Nature: World of Birds is an interactive, colorful book full of facts about each bird and ten diverse habitats. Children will delight in the beautiful illustrations and real-life bird sounds of tropical birds, song birds, and even birds you might find in your own backyard! Hear sounds from wetlands, the desert, the rainforest and more.

Inside Sounds of Nature: World of Birds Book

This is a nature-lovers favorite, and for a good reason. Take a look at the inside of this book, and learn more about Sounds of Nature: World of Birds at the publisher’s website.

Sounds of Nature: World of Birds is a required book for our Notebook Companion™ and is sold separately.

Beginner’s Notebook Companion™

This beginner’s notebook is a great way to introduce kids to the idea and practice of notebooking, and you can customize it as much as you wish. It’s completely flexible, allowing for use with very young children through middle elementary grades.

Bonus questions are included for older students, and we’ve also included suggestions for how to use it with various ages.

What’s Included

Your kids can illustrate their notebooks by drawing and sketching each of the more than 60 birds covered in the book. There are also ten habitat coloring pages, one for each habitat covered, and 35 additional coloring pages featuring some of the birds that students have learned about.

The unit wraps up with fun matching activities where your students can test their memory skills and see if they can correctly identify 35 birds from the book.

worksheets and coloring pages of birds and habitats completed by a student

They’ll learn about owls, penguins, roadrunners, and much more.

Birds Covered Using Birds Around the World alongside Sounds of Nature: World of Birds

  • blue jewel babbler
  • magnificent bird of paradise
  • Papuan king parrot
  • golden-fronted bowerbird
  • lesser bird of paradise
  • king bird of paradise
  • southern cassowary
  • raven
  • Himalayan snowcock
  • Demoiselle crane
  • red-billed chough
  • lammergeier
  • bar-headed goose
  • golden eagle
  • greater roadrunner
  • Le Conte’s thrasher
  • gilded flicker
  • black-throated sparrow
  • Gambel’s quail
  • greater prairie chicken
  • Henslow’s sparrow
  • burrowing owl
  • bobolink
  • sharp-tailed grouse
  • loggerhead shrike
  • dickcissel
  • blackbird
  • greater spotted woodpecker
  • kingfisher
  • wood warbler
  • tawny owl
  • goldfinch
  • cuckoo
  • emperor penguin
  • Wilson’s storm petrel
  • brown skua
  • Antarctic tern
  • Adélie penguin
  • Dominican gull
  • wandering albatross
  • flamingo
  • yellow-billed duck
  • marabou stork
  • great-white pelican
  • gray heron
  • ostrich
  • African fish eagle
  • blue tit
  • peregrine falcon
  • mute swan
  • magpie
  • domestic pigeon
  • jay
  • common tern
  • Cory’s shearwater
  • white-breasted cormorant
  • African oystercatcher
  • African penguin
  • Cape gannet
  • black-browed albatross
  • sulphur-crested cockatoo
  • tawny frogmouth
  • zebra finch
  • superb fairy-wren
  • Major Mitchell’s cockatoo
  • emu
  • laughing kookaburra

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