Animals of The Forest – A Notebook Companion™ for Sounds of Nature: World of Forests

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The Sounds of Nature series brings your kids a chance to not only read about animals from all over the world and hear what they sound like in the wild. This publisher-approved Notebook Companion™ is the perfect way to use these engaging titles in your homeschool.

Sounds of Nature: World of Forests (sold separately) and our Animals of The Forest Notebook Companion™ is all you need to introduce your students to ten different habitats and some of the intriguing and unique animals that live in them.

176 black & white pages | This is a digital only resource.

Grades K-3 | Primary dashed lines for beginning writers

*Digital Product - purchase one per household only.

Animals of The Forest - A Notebook Companion™ for the Sounds of Nature Series


With the Animals of the Forest Notebook Companion™  and Sounds of Nature: World of Forests (sold separately), you and your kids can explore ten habitats from various corners of the world and introduce them to more than 60 of the mammals, birds, reptiles, and more that make their homes there.  There’s no prep-work required. You simply grab your copy of Sounds of Nature: World of Forests (sold separately) and the Animals of the Forest Notebook Companion™ and work through the two books at your own pace.

Explore these fascinating forest habitats and the animals that live in them:

  • Evergreen Forest, Germany
  • Redwood Forest, California, USA
  • Deciduous Forest, England, UK
  • Rainforest, Amazon, South America
  • Cloud Forest, Virunga Mountains, Africa
  • Desert Forest, Socotra Island, Yemen
  • Beech Forest, Southeast of Brussels, Belgium
  • Mangrove Forest, Sundarbans, India
  • Boreal Forest, Alaska, USA
  • Bamboo Forest, China

Sounds of Nature: World of Forests

Sounds of Nature: World of Forests is an interactive, colorful book full of facts about animals that live in forests and ten diverse forest habitats. Children will delight in the beautiful illustrations and real-life animal sounds of the pandas of the bamboo forest of China to the bald eagles of Tongass National Park in Alaska.

Hear sounds from a deciduous forest, redwood forest, bamboo forest, and even a boreal forest! A boreal forest is also known as taiga and is the world’s largest biome apart from the oceans. You’ll learn all sorts of fascinating facts just like that in this interactive nature book.

Inside Sounds of Nature: World of Forests Book

This is a nature-lovers favorite, and for a good reason. Take a look at the inside of this book, and learn more about Sounds of Nature: World of Forests at the publisher’s website.

Sounds of Nature: World of Forests is a required book for our Notebook Companion™ and is sold separately.

Beginner’s Notebook Companion™

This beginner’s notebook is a great way to introduce kids to the idea and practice of notebooking, and you can customize it as much as you wish. It’s completely flexible, allowing for use with very young children through middle elementary grades.

Bonus questions are included for older students, and we’ve also included suggestions for how to use it with various ages.

What’s Included

There is room for your kids to draw and sketch each of the more than 60 animals covered in the book. There is also a coloring page for each of the ten habitats included and 45 additional coloring pages featuring some of the animals that students have learned about.

There are also fun matching activities at the end of the unit so your students can test their memory skills and see if they can correctly identify 45 different animals from the book.

worksheets and coloring pages of animals in the forest completed by a student

Have you ever heard of a capercaillie, found in Germany? How about a treecreeper from England? You’ll learn about many amazing animals, some you have probably never even heard of like those or the Ruwenzori turaco from Africa. Not only will you discover forest animals you may have never heard of before, but you will get to hear real animal sounds from the book Sounds of Nature: World of Forests!

Animals Covered Using Animals of the Forest alongside Sounds of Nature: World of Forests

  • great tit
  • Eurasian lynx hunts
  • wild boar
  • red fox
  • badger
  • capercaillie
  • red deer
  • acorn woodpecker
  • black bear
  • coyote
  • varied thrush
  • raccoon
  • chipmunk
  • bobcat
  • nuthatch
  • wild pony
  • pig
  • donkey
  • wood mouse
  • treecreeper
  • hornet
  • hyacinth macaw
  • red howler monkey
  • spider monkey
  • green anaconda
  • glass frog
  • toco toucan
  • jaguar
  • mountain gorilla
  • Ruwenzori turaco
  • golden monkey
  • African forest elephant
  • blue-headed sunbird
  • okapi
  • Jackson’s chameleon
  • Egyptian vulture
  • Socotra cisticola (Yemen)
  • scorpion
  • dromedary camel
  • blue-baboon spider
  • Socotra sparrow
  • spotted woodpecker
  • common toad
  • Eurasian buzzard
  • red squirrel
  • northern wren
  • roe deer
  • fire salamander
  • Indian spotted deer
  • Indian flying fox
  • saltwater crocodile
  • Rhesus macaque
  • brown-winged kingfisher
  • Bengal tiger
  • wolf
  • boreal chickadee
  • moose
  • snowshoe hare
  • Canada lynx
  • gray jay
  • brown bear
  • giant panda
  • Asian crested ibis
  • golden takin
  • golden snub-nosed monkey
  • clouded leopard
  • Temminck’s tragopan

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  1. Stacy Sloan

    I am currently planning a year trip around the world curriculum for my kindergartener and am looking forward to using this as part of our curriculum. I enjoy the fact that it matches with the book so well. My children love the animal sounds, and being able to extend the knowledge they have learned from the book is important for this teacher/mom. The coloring pages that are included at the end of the book are also perfect for my pre-k child to join in on the fun in a meaningful way. We probably will not use every animal in the book as it will be repetitive, but I like having so many animals to choose from in each continent.
    I would like to offer a suggestion for future editions. My child is still a beginning writer, and in order for him to do some of the writing and not just narrating to me, the larger lines with the dotted line in between (like kindergarten and first graders use) would be very helpful. I am happy overall, and am looking forward to using this product.

    • Daily Skill Building

      Thank you so much for the feedback! Moving forward we will add the primary dashed lines for all K-3 Notebooks. As time allows, we will also edit the existing ones to make this change. You are right, much better for K-3!

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