Daily Skill Building: World Geography & History

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Do you need a middle school or high school world geography and history curriculum that is fun, easy to use, and open and go – no teacher’s guide required?

Your students can dive in with Daily Skill Building: World Geography & History and learn about the geography and history of the 102 independent countries of Africa and Asia.

Includes text, student book, and answer key. For grades 5 and up.

This can be used alongside Discovering Plants and Animals Volume One and is available bundled at a discount.

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Sample Textbook | Sample Student Pages | Scope & Sequence

Easy to Use Geography and History Curriculum for Grades 5 and Up

Our Daily Skill Building Series consists of open-and-go curriculum that includes everything you need for your students to work independently. There are no teacher’s guides necessary!

Daily Skill Building: World Geography & History is the first unit in a three-year curriculum. It is a full-year world geography and history curriculum that explores all 54 independent countries of Africa and all 48 independent countries of Asia by region.

Engaging Geography and History Text

Daily Skill Building: World Geography & History is written to the student in a tone that is easy to read and comprehend. You’ll find Africa and Asia to be fascinating as we break it down into easy to digest nuggets of text to read each day.

People Groups and Cultures

Learn about different people groups of Africa and Asia and discover how life differs in other parts of the world. Navigate through different religions, key events, and ways of life from people groups like the Afar, Somali, Ewondo, Aryan, Kazakh, Ammonites, Canaanites, and many more.

Geography of Africa and Asia

We cover the landscaping that makes up Africa and Asia, including mountains and mountain ranges, deserts, rivers, and other bodies of water. Learn about climate, population, and other interesting geographical facts about Africa and Asia.

Regions and Key Locations

Explore the smaller countries broken down into regions. Travel through fascinating locations such as the Maghreb, Straight of Gibraltar, Suez Canal, Arabian Peninsula, and more.

World Landmarks

Discover amazing landmarks such as the Great Sphinx, Ruins of Cyrene, Pyramids of Giza, Great Wall of China, and more.

Kingdoms, Empires, Dynasties

Dive deep into kingdoms, empires, and dynasties. You’ll learn more about Egypt, Byzantine Empire, Arabs, Goths, Huns, Mongol Empire, Tran Dynasty, Phoenicians, just to name a few.

People from the Past

Read about key people from the past, such as Alexander the Great, Queen Cleopatra, Prince Henry the Navigator, Nelson Mandela, Marco Polo, Confucius, Xerxes, Stalin, and more.

Daily Lessons

Each unit begins with an overview of the geography of a country (or group of countries). The next part of each unit focuses on the history of the country or countries. The unit ends with an opportunity for the student to complete a research paper about the country or one of the countries studied.

The core lessons include text to read about each country, comprehension questions to answer, and map work to complete.

There are 167 total lessons. Daily Skill Building: World Geography & History can be used as a 4-day or 5-day a week curriculum.

It includes everything you need to get started – no extra books to buy!

Reproducible Student Pages

Numerous additional activities are included that you can choose from to customize the curriculum to fit your student best. These include notebooking pages to record key information about topics such as:

  • famous people in history
  •  rulers and kingdoms of history
  • famous landmarks
  • country studies

Timeline pages, flags of the world, additional maps, extension activities, and an answer key are also included.

Options are also included if you wish to use this course with your high school student.

Teacher helps such as a scope and sequence, lesson overview, and answer key are also provided.

The main text is 309 pages and can be viewed on the computer rather than printed. The Student Book & Answer Key is 457 pages, which includes all versions of optional activities and the answer key. Printing the entire book is not required.

Is this a notebook-style curriculum?

Daily Skill Building: World Geography & History works perfectly for the family who loves notebooking. This curricula is completely customizable and includes dozens of reproducible notebooking templates in various styles that you can use as you see fit.

What’s Included

  • Text/Reader
  • Instructions/How to Use
  • Student Pages
  • High School Option
  • Scope and Sequence
  • Reproducible Notebooking Page Templates
  • Answer Key

All-inclusive: You do not need to purchase anything additional to use this curriculum.

Upcoming Volumes

Daily Skill Building: World Geography & History Volume Two will cover the countries of Europe and Oceania as well as the regions of the United States and U.S. territories.

Daily Skill Building: World Geography & History Volume Three will cover Canada and Mexico, the countries of Central and South America, and Antarctica, as well as some bonuses like overseas territories of the U.K. and France (think Bermuda, French Polynesia, etc.), and lessons on deserts and rivers of the world.

Science Unit Companion

If you wish to add an animal and plant study to your curriculum, check out Discovering Plants and Animals of the World, Volume 1, which covers the same countries in the same order. A How To guide is also provided for completing both curricula together.

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  1. A Whitehouse

    I had been looking for a geography course and was about to give in and try to make one myself when I found this. It fits our family perfectly and the kids are learning so much.

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Discovering Plants and Animals Volume One: Africa and Asia is an add-on science unit created to be used alongside Daily Skill Building: World Geography & History. 

Sample Textbook | Sample Student Pages

Your elementary and middle school students can have fun learning about some of the many animals and plants that live in more than 100 countries with Discovering Plants and Animals of the World, Volume 1. It’s perfect for students in 3th-6th grade, but it can easily be adapted for younger or older students.

Help kids explore some of the many habitats of Africa and Asia and discover just some of the amazing creatures and colorful plants that live there with this fun unit study.

This science unit study was created to accompany Daily Skill Building: World Geography & History and follows along with the lessons in this full-year curriculum.

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