Genius Fact Cards: Set of 1,000+ Fact Cards

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Engage your students with over 1,000 printable cards with key facts in 5 different subjects.

Genius Fact Cards provides easy-to-memorize information in a simple format ready to use for any learning style or curriculum.

Genius Fact Cards Key Points:

  • Contains over 3,000 facts with 28 topics covered in 5 different subject areas
  • Fun fact drills
  • Exercise in memorization
  • Use in a group or solo
  • Portable for car rides, restaurants, or waiting rooms
  • Use in school, homeschool, or a family quiz night
  • Color and black and white versions of many sets included

Topics included:

  • Bible
  • History and Geography
  • Language Arts
  • Music
  • Science

Each set would be priced individually at $5.99, but we’ve bundled them all up for you at a price of $1.79 per set!

This is a digital only resource.

*Digital Product - purchase one per household only.

Genius Fact Cards: Set of 1,000+ Fact Cards

Simple. No-Prep. Engaging.

Are you looking for an easy, no-prep way to drill or review key facts in science, Bible, history, geography, and more? Explore this collection of more than 3,000 facts on 1,000+ printable cards!

This mega set of fact cards contains 897 color cards and 1,175 black and white cards broken into sets by topic. There are 656 total pages, just print what you need, when you need it! You can use this set throughout all your homeschool years.

Features of the Fact Cards:

You can view the previews of the fact cards above to see what each set looks like. Ready to implement into your current curriculum, Genius Fact Cards contains 28 different topics housed within 5 subject areas.

Two Styles for Each Set

Each set comes in two styles, one with the information and one with blank lines for completion. This makes the Genius Fact Cards perfect for review. Many sets include a color version as well as a black and white version that can be colored if desired.

All fact cards include the facts, there is no additional research needed to fill out the cards. 

Over 3,000 key facts right at your fingertips for quizzing, memorization, and fun. That’s what we call genius!

Explore all the topics included below:


  • Books of the Bible (2 sets of 66 cards)

History and Geography

  • State Symbols: Birds (2 sets of 50 cards)
  • State Symbols: Flags (2 sets of 50 cards)
  • State Symbols: Flowers (2 sets of 50 cards)
  • State Symbols: Trees (2 sets of 50 cards)
  • U.S. Landmarks & Architects (2 sets of 32 cards)
  • U.S. Presidents (2 sets of 45 cards)
  • World Landmarks & Architects (2 sets of 40 cards)
  • World Landmarks  (2 sets of 32 cards)

Language Arts

  • Poetry Terminology (2 sets of 22 cards)


  • Musical Notation (2 sets of 76 cards)


  • Animal Classification (2 sets of 50 cards)
  • Birds Nature Study (2 sets of 18 cards)
  • Constellations (2 sets of 25 cards)
  • Farm Animals (2 sets of 14 cards)
  • Flowers Nature Study (2 sets of 29 cards)
  • Food Chains (2 sets of 16 cards)
  • Geology (2 sets of 20 cards)
  • Herbs, Spices & Flavorings (2 sets of 32 cards)
  • Human Body Systems (2 sets of 42 cards)
  • Insects Nature Study (2 sets of 35 cards)
  • Landforms (2 sets of 35 cards)
  • Ocean Animals Nature Study (2 sets of 20 cards)
  • Parts of a Cell (2 sets of 19 cards)
  • Periodic Table (2 sets of 118 cards)
  • Planets (2 sets of 18 cards)
  • Water Cycle (2 sets of 12 cards)
  • Weather (2 sets of 20 cards)

1 review for Genius Fact Cards: Set of 1,000+ Fact Cards

  1. Kristy

    As a homeschool mom of 4 kids ranging from upper elementary to high school, this product was a gold mine – catering to all ages on five different subjects (Bible, History and Geography, Language Arts, Music, and Science. The colorful photos were engaging for my visual learners and the cards contained just enough key information to be interesting, without overwhelming the younger students. What really made this product useful was that the older students could either use the colored and fact-filled cards as a source to copy onto outlined fact cards provided or, for those able to conduct research on their own, they could independently fill in their own facts. Our personal favorites were facts cards for all the US Presidents and state symbols (enough for a whole year worth of history!), parts of a cell, and animal classification. For my elder kids, we used the Herb, Spices, and Flavoring cards during our cooking class. That was a time-saving way to go through all the major ingredients to flavor our food. The fact cards for the periodic table were a great resource – I have never found another resource that compiled all the critical information, in addition to providing examples of the uses for that element in our day-to-day lives, like that before. Overall, this was a very valuable addition to all grades of our homeschool.

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