Geology Fact Cards


Students will learn about 12 different types of rocks and 8 different gemstones and minerals using the Geology Fact Cards set.

14 pages

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Geology Fact Cards

This fun set of Geology Fact Cards teaches about rocks, gemstones, & minerals using fact cards. It is a great companion to our Nature Notebook.


This Geology Pack includes:

  • Cheat sheets for 12 types of rocks, showing their name, type, color, and uses
  • Cheat sheets for 8 gemstones and minerals, showing some of the locations where they can be found as well as their color and uses
  • Fact cards of all 20 rocks, gemstones, and minerals, including pictures of each along with their type or location, color, and uses
  • Blank fact cards for 20 rocks, gemstones, and minerals where students can fill in their type or location, color, and uses

The blank fact cards are in black and white, so the student can also color the rocks, gemstones, and minerals if desired. 


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