The Answers Notebook Volume 3 – A Master Books Notebook Companion™


Do you ever wish you had solid biblical answers to some of life’s hardest scientific questions? Cloning and Stem Cells? Global Warming? Existence of God? Now you can!

Through challenging, thought-provoking questions, The Answers Notebook Volume 3 will help your student develop a scientific, yet entirely biblical, worldview.

The Answers Notebook Volume 3 is a Notebook Companion™ for The New Answers Book 3 by Master Books, sold separately.

Grades 8-12 | 83 Black and White Pages | This is a digital only resource.

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The Answers Notebook Volume 3 - A Master Books Companion


The Answers Notebook Volume 3 is a publisher-approved Notebook Companion™ for The New Answers Book 3 by Master Books, sold separately. This flexible Notebook Companion™ is suitable for grades 8-12.

Each chapter includes thought-provoking questions dealing with a difficult question, argument, or challenge to the biblical scientific worldview. As the textbook presents facts, statistics, and information, students will have the opportunity to define, explain, or give their opinion on the information they encounter.

Purpose of The Answers Notebook Volume 3

The purpose of this guide is to bring life to the ideas and concepts found in the textbook. Each question is an opportunity to not simply copy and paste, but to explore, reword, explain, and master the material.

The New Answers Book 3 is full of amazing scientific and factual truth rooted in the Word of God. It handles scientific concepts with integrity and boldness, equipping the reader (that’s you!) with knowledge, language, and a worldview that honors God as Creator.

The goal of this notebook is to help each student build a biblical worldview when it comes to challenging scientific questions. The work they do in this notebook will greatly assist them as they discuss these questions with others throughout their lives.

The Answers Notebook Volume 3 – A Master Books Notebook Companion™

Challenging Worldview Topics

Each topic discussed, whether its Noah’s Ark, cloning, or unicorns, is presented from a Christian worldview, but there are many other theories and worldviews held by the people we interact with every day. While you work through this guide and the textbook, open yourself to new ideas presented through the lens of God’s Word. You might just be surprised at how some of your preconceived notions and assumptions change when you encounter the biblical, scientific evidence.

Like our other open & go curriculum, there is no prep-work involved – you simply grab your copy of The New Answers Book 3 and The Answers Notebook: Volume 3 and work at your own pace.

Includes Answers Index

In the back of this guide, you will find the “Answers Index,” a list of each question and the location of each question’s answer.

This is helpful for parents who are checking student’s work, or for students who need a guide to locating answers to the open-ended questions.

Topics Covered in The Answers Notebook Volume 3

  • Where Was the Garden of Eden Located?
  • What Did Noah’s Ark Look Like?
  • Should Christians Be Pushing to Have Creation Taught in Government Schools?
  • What are “Kinds” in Genesis?
  • How Could All the Animals Fit on the Ark and Eight People Care for them?
  • Was the Flood of Noah Global or Local in Extent?
  • Is Man the Cause of Global Warming?
  • Did Bible Authors Believe in a Literal Genesis?
  • Do Fossils Show Signs of Rapid Burial?
  • What about the Similarity Between Human and Chimp DNA?
  • Was There Death Before Adam Sinned?
  • Abortion: Is It Really a Matter of Life and Death?
  • Is the Christian Worldview Logical?
  • What about Cloning and Stem Cells?
  • How Old Does the Earth Look?
  • Does Evolution Have a… Chance?
  • What about Eugenics and Planned Parenthood?
  • When and How Did the Grand Canyon Form?
  • Does Astronomy Confirm a Young Universe?
  • How Could Fish Survive the Genesis Flood?
  • What about Cosmology?
  • Did Life Come from Outer Space?
  • Did the Continents Split Apart in the Days of Peleg?
  • Vestigial Organs – Evidence for Evolution?
  • Is Tiktaalik Evolution’s Greatest Missing Link?
  • Why Is Mount St. Helens Important to the Origins Controversy?
  • What Is the Best Argument for the Existence of God?
  • Do Evolutionists Believe Darwin’s Ideas about Evolution?
  • What Are Some of the Best Flood Evidences?
  • What Are Some Good Questions to Ask an Evolutionist?
  • What about Bacteria?
  • Unicorns in the Bible?
  • Doesn’t the Bible Support Slavery?
  • Why Did God Make Viruses?
  • Wasn’t the Bible Written by Mere Men?
  • Isn’t the God of the Old Testament Harsh, Brutal, and Downright Evil?
  • Who Sinned First – Adam or Satan?
  • How Can Someone Start a New Life in Christ?

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