The Archaeology Student Notebook

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Do you have an aspiring archaeologist? Perhaps you are interested in incorporating a study of archaeology into your ancient history lessons? The Archaeology Student Notebook is a companion for The Archaeology Book by Master Books, sold separately.

103 black & white pages | This is a digital only resource.

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The Archaeology Student Notebook

In this unit, students will use a combination of written narration and drawing alongside The Archaeology Book by Master Books to learn about ancient history and archaeological discoveries from the Middle East that demonstrate the reliability of Biblical accounts. This flexible Notebook Companion™ is suitable for grades 4-8.

You will also enjoy learning about ancient cultures, what an archaeologist does, and some of the tools and methods used to discover and preserve the past. Using The Archaeology Student Notebook is great way to help your students go deeper in their understanding and retention of the material.

Each chapter includes vocabulary words, open-ended questions to prompt written narration and notebooking, drawing, and more. There are also numerous Bible verses provided as copywork throughout.

At the beginning of the unit, you’ll find a list of bonus related freebies we have for you that can enrich your study of ancient history and the Bible. At the end of the unit, we’ve provided a set of ready-to-print vocabulary flash cards for review.

Like our other open & go curriculum, there is no prep-work involved – you simply grab your copy of the book and your Notebook Companion™ and work at your own pace.

Some Topics Covered in The Archaeology Student Notebook + The Archaeology Book:

  • All About Archaeology
  • Who an Archaeologist Is
  • Where Archaeologists Work
  • How Archaeologists Determine How Old Thigs Are
  • Interpreting Findings
  • Dating Methods
  • Hieroglyphs
  • Ancient Cities
  • Land of Egypt
  • The Hittites
  • Ur of the Chaldees
  • Assyria
  • Babylon: City of Gold
  • Persia
  • Petra
  • The Phoenicians
  • The Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Israel
  • and more!

The Archaeology Student Notebook was created with permission from the publisher, Master Books. It is a Notebook Companion™ to The Archaeology Book, sold separately.

We also have Notebook Companions™ for other volumes in the Master Books Wonders of Creation Series.

1 review for The Archaeology Student Notebook

  1. Yvie

    While designed to be used with MasterBooks, we used this notebook as a stand-alone piece of a middle school research curriculum. The pages cover vocabulary, geography, and history, and provide many different opportunities for students to learn to do research as they look up the answers to the questions and complete the charts. My son’s favorite part was doing the drawings!

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