The People of the United States Notebook

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Looking for a product that helps students learn about the people who call the United States home? Look no further than The People of the United States Notebook!

Pairing our Notebook Companion™ with We Are the United States (sold separately), students will learn about the different states, the people who live there, and the variety of cultures and backgrounds across the country.

Grade 3 and Up | 179 black and white pages + 5 bonus research templates | This is a digital only resource.

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The People of the United States Notebook


Students will have the opportunity to draw and label maps, explore the history of each state, and learn about important people who live in each state. By using The People of the United States Notebook, students will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the rich diversity of the United States.

Using the book We Are the United States and our Notebook Companion™ alongside your U.S. geography curriculum will add an interesting element to your studies. Or, if you are a DIY type of homeschooler, you can use this with the other books in the series for a fun and intersting study of the United States of America. 

Topics covered:

  • Key information about each state, including capital city, population, and area
  • Important facts about the history of the state and important people who contributed to this history
  • State flags, symbols, and unique celebrations and events
  • Important landmarks, cities, and natural wonders
  • The people who originally lived in this state
  • People who currently inhabit the state and their cultures and contributions

We Are the United States

Meet the People Who Live, Work, and Play Across the USA

We Are The United States

We Are The United States

We are The United States is a required book for our publisher-approved Notebook Companion™.

Explore every state of the USA from Alabama to Wyoming learning about different heritages, religions, hobbies, vocations and cultures that populate this great country.

Using colorful infographics and illustrated maps, each state highlights impotant people from history and highlights cultural experiences from the area.

Learn about key facts and fun activities enjoyed by different people groups throughout history. Explore stats on each state, including population, history, and more.

The 50 States Notebook Series

The 50 States Notebook Series for grades 3+ explores the United States of America with key facts and fun activities about the people, history and natural environments that make each location within them uniquely wonderful. Beautiful illustrations, maps and infographics bring the places to life.

Other notebooks in this series include:

3 reviews for The People of the United States Notebook

  1. Melanie Zorr

    How Fun! The book We are the United States is amazing! I was expecting to see specific people like Rosa Parks and Thomas Jefferson, and while people like that are in there, the book focuses on the different people culturally. It includes the Ox farmers of Alaska or the hikers of Alabama. It is rare to find books including characters such as these. Social Studies is THE study of geography, culture, the PEOPLE! It is refreshing to find these “mundane, everyday characters.” These people are also important. These people are you and me! Use this notebook companion to fully understand each state’s culture and people. This along with studying the geography, will help give a more thorough understanding of each state therefore a more complete picture of the United States as a whole. Great resource!

  2. Denise Rodriguez

    We have the 50 States Notebook Series. This Notebook Companion has 3 pages per state – labeling maps, drawing and/or writing about the people of the state, and answering facts about the state alongside drawing the state flag. If you have all four in the series, labeling the maps is repetitive. This felt like a great way to check knowledge and my daughter really enjoyed the map pages. This book ended up being my daughter’s favorite. So thankful to have found this series!

  3. Katherine Tanyu

    This is part of the 50 States Notebook Series. If you purchase everything in the series, you and your child will be repeating mapwork for the 50 states. I think this is a great idea to really make sure your child memorizes and knows by heart the geography of the United States. The bonus lesson plan can help you pace everything in one school year.

    The mapwork here is a little different in that the state is blown up as one instead of about the whole United States map. The population is emphasized in this notebook. The last map, in the end, is a population map.

    This notebook focuses on basic facts such as the capital city, population, state flag, groups of people, and landmarks–very encyclopedic.

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