U.S. Geography Bundle for Grades 3 & Up

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The U.S. Geography Bundle contains a full year study of the United States. Students will take a tour across the United States of America and gain an understanding about each of the fifty states, discover where it’s located on a map, and learn the state symbols.  Students will explore more than 350 famous landmarks and historic places across all fifty states.

This curriculum set is based on notebooking and includes space for written narration, pages to record facts, and opportunities to sketch some of the fascinating discoveries found along the way. It’s best suited to grades 3 and up. INCLUDES LESSON PLANS!

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U.S. Geography Bundle for Grades 3 & Up

This U.S. Geography Bundle includes everything you will need for a comprehensive study of geography of the United States of America. The only book you will need to purchase is Children’s Atlas of the U.S.A. by Master Books.

Included is a huge resource pack that contains printable charts with key information about each state, printable state fact cards and state map cards. This information, along with facts from the Children’s Atlas of the U.S.A. will make for a fascinating journey across America!

See What’s Included:

Famous Landmarks of the U.S.A. $12.95 Regular Price

Students will notebook their way through more than 350 famous landmarks and historic places across all fifty states in the U.S.A. plus complete mapwork assignments and more in this engaging Notebook Companion™ to the Children’s Atlas of the U.S.A. by Master Books, sold separately.

After answering open-ended questions about the United States of America, students will explore each of the fifty states as well as Washington, D.C.

For each state, students will: record facts they learn, copy a portion of the state’s preamble, and sketch one or more famous landmarks and write about it. They will also label the state’s capital on a state map and indicate the location of each of the historic sites they learned about, as well as label the state (and all the states they have studied) on a map of the United States.

371 pages | Christian Worldview | View sample

Daily Skill Building: U.S. Geography $16.95 Regular Price

Finally, an easy-to-use U.S. geography curriculum designed in a simple, open-and-go format that doesn’t require a teacher’s guide. Your student will develop independent learning skills while staying engaged.

Children will learn when each state became a state, the state flower, state bird, state tree, and much more for all 50 states. Designed for grades 3-6, this easy-to-use U.S. geography curriculum helps students build confidence as independent learners.

145 pages, 164 resource pack pages | Neutral Worldview | View sample

U.S. State Study Resource Pack Bundle – $24.95 Regular Price

Travel the 50 states with this robust bundle overflowing with nearly 400 pages of fun state study material. Print just the parts you need.

The U.S. State Study Resource Pack Bundle covers state flags, state birds, state flowers, and state trees. This easy-to-use bundle of U.S. state study worksheets and fact cards offers the flexibility to explore each state in the order or time frame that fits your current study.

392 pages: 112 color; 280 black and white | Neutral Worldview |View sample


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