200+ Drawing Ideas for When You’re Bored

Are you looking for some out-of-the-box drawing ideas for when you’re bored? We’ve compiled a MEGA list of over 200 fun drawing ideas that can help inspire you to draw something you might never have thought to draw.

drawing ideas for when you're bored

Drawing Ideas for When Your’e Bored

Lots of people enjoy drawing when they’re bored, but they need some ideas for cool things to draw. Drawing skills can be honed while drawing things such as cartoon characters, simple shapes, and even simple drawings, but a great way to get the creative juices flowing is to choose from a list of drawing prompts.

So, the next time your child asks for a list of things they can draw, we’ve got you covered with over 200 fun things they can choose from. Let’s put those artistic skills to work!

Easy Drawing Ideas

These ideas are some of the easiest things for kids to choose from. It doesn’t matter their skill level! Drawing is such as fun way to take advantage of a creative outlet during homeschool quiet time. There are plenty of easy things they can choose from to make a beautiful sketch.

  • Sun and clouds in the sky
  • Smiling flower garden
  • Cute puppy or kitten
  • Colorful rainbow
  • Ice cream cone with toppings
  • Happy sunflower
  • Flying kite in the park
  • Beach scene with sandcastle
  • Simple tree with leaves
  • Funny alien character
  • Balloon bunch floating
  • Butterfly with patterned wings
  • Octopus with wiggly arms
  • Bumblebee buzzing around
  • Rocket ship heading to space
  • Sailboat on calm water
  • Snail on a leaf
  • Colorful fish in an aquarium
  • Penguin sliding on ice
  • Teddy bear with a smile

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Funny Drawing Ideas for When You’re Bored

An easy way to inspire kids to work on their drawing techniques is to give them something silly to draw. From funny facial expressions and an easy doodle to cute things or even alien heads, explore this treasure trove of drawing ideas.

The great thing about drawing is there is no right or wrong way to do it!

  • Alien soccer game
  • Pirate penguins
  • Superhero vegetables
  • Dinosaur fashion show
  • Cat astronauts
  • Ice cream mountain
  • Robot pets
  • Octopus chef
  • Bubblegum world
  • Dragon in a hotdog costume
  • Space cowboys
  • Magical talking shoes
  • Ninja hamsters
  • Rainbow-eating monster
  • Dancing trees
  • Snail race cars
  • Pizza on a trampoline
  • Giraffe with a jetpack
  • Monster under the bed party
  • Flying unicorns with jet wings

Creative Drawing Ideas for When You’re Bored

These cool drawing ideas will help inspire a creative activity away from screens. It’s a great idea to incorporate different styles using a combination of crayons and colored pencils.

  • Underwater city
  • Time-traveling pets
  • Candy constellation
  • Jungle rollercoaster
  • Magic book characters
  • Rainbow-powered vehicles
  • Robot orchestra
  • Enchanted forest tea party
  • Alien fruit garden
  • Castle in the clouds
  • Animal superhero team
  • Steampunk animals
  • Butterfly circus
  • Mythical creature parade
  • Moon base adventure
  • Fairy tale space adventure
  • Talking planets
  • Galactic market
  • Musical sea creatures
  • Secret door to another world

Animal-themed Drawing Ideas for When You’re Bored

Are you learning about animals? Kids love drawing a cute animal or even mythical creatures. Sometimes the best ways to inspire them to draw is to use drawing prompts with a list of creative things they can choose from.

I wonder what cool drawings they’ll come up with from this list?

  • Giraffe in a hot air balloon
  • Tiger explorer with a treasure map
  • Penguin rock band
  • Elephant surfing waves
  • Frog chef in a restaurant
  • Squirrel circus acrobats
  • Parrot pirates on a tree ship
  • Bear astronauts on the moon
  • Koala superhero saving a forest
  • Zebra racecar driver
  • Diving dolphin detectives
  • Foxes camping in the wilderness
  • Snake train conductor
  • Bunny space explorers
  • Lion king of a jungle carnival
  • Mouse artists hosting an art show
  • Deer family on a nature hike
  • Owl professor teaching forest school
  • Llama dancers in a parade
  • Rhino inventors creating crazy machines

Nature-themed Drawing Ideas for When You’re Bored

Homeschoolers love nature study! Use these nature-themed drawing ideas to add pages to a nature notebook or a nature journal. You don’t have to be a professional artist to enjoy creating easy sketches about the beauty of nature.

  • Enchanted forest with talking trees
  • Underwater garden with fish friends
  • Desert adventure with cactus characters
  • Nighttime jungle filled with fireflies
  • Mountain animals throwing a picnic
  • Rainbow waterfall in a magical valley
  • Meadow of friendly insects and bugs
  • Secret treehouse in a hidden grove
  • Sunny day at the beach with animal pals
  • Space exploration among alien flowers
  • Fairy village nestled in a mushroom glen
  • Riverbank scene with animal musicians
  • Arctic animals having a snowy party
  • Volcano island with dinosaur inhabitants
  • Sunset safari with exotic animals
  • Bird’s-eye view of a nature kingdom
  • Moonlit campfire with animals of the forest
  • Deep sea dive among vibrant coral reefs
  • Rainforest expedition with colorful birds
  • Trees changing through the seasons

Drawing Ideas for Girls

Check out these new drawing ideas that girls might enjoy. From mermaids and ballet to gardening and baking, these new ideas may help inspire them much better than a blank page!

  • Mermaid tea party
  • Princess astronauts in a space castle
  • Fairy tale fashion show
  • Explorer sailing on a rainbow
  • Magical garden with talking animals
  • Superhero girl saving the day
  • Ballet performance under the stars
  • Scientist girl discovering new worlds
  • Artist creating a dreamy universe
  • Chef baking in a candy kitchen
  • Musician girl with animal bandmates
  • Dancer on a enchanted stage
  • Fashion designer with mythical clients
  • Secret agent solving mysteries
  • Skater girl in a fantasy park
  • Archaeologist discovering ancient treasures
  • Gardener growing giant flowers
  • Writer crafting adventures with characters
  • Athlete competing in magical sports
  • Inventor girl building extraordinary machines

Drawing Ideas for Boys

These drawing ideas for boys are more than just line drawings and stick figures. Help them discover their artistic talent with these creative ideas that boys might enjoy.

  • Pirate captain exploring islands
  • Dinosaur race through a prehistoric world
  • Space explorer on an alien planet
  • Superhero boy with incredible powers
  • Adventurer in a jungle expedition
  • Robot inventor building futuristic machines
  • Knight defending a mythical realm
  • Astronaut building a moon base
  • Scientist conducting wild experiments
  • Cowboy riding with a trusty steed
  • Athlete competing in intergalactic sports
  • Spy solving puzzling mysteries
  • Racecar driver on a crazy track
  • Martial artist mastering ancient techniques
  • Explorer discovering hidden treasures
  • Musician rocking the stage with animal bandmates
  • Artist creating wild and imaginative artwork
  • Firefighter battling magical blazes
  • Magician performing extraordinary tricks
  • Farmer cultivating enchanted crops

Transportation-themed Drawing Ideas

If you have a transportation-loving kid, here are some of the best ideas that can inspire them along in the drawing process.

  • Rocket-powered skateboard
  • Unicorn-pulled carriage
  • Hot air balloon race
  • Submarine in a candy sea
  • Magic carpet adventure
  • Monster truck rally
  • Jetpack journey
  • Time-traveling train
  • Animal-driven train
  • Helicopter safari
  • Cloud scooter ride
  • Flying bicycle tour
  • Pirate ship in space
  • Robot taxi fleet
  • Ice cream truck in the jungle
  • Dinosaur-powered bus
  • Sailboat on rainbow rivers
  • UFO taxi service
  • Spaceship amusement park
  • Dragonback exploration

Sports-themed Drawing Ideas

Do your kids love sports? This extensive list of ideas will help get their crestive juices flowing.

  • Soccer match on the moon
  • Baseball game with animal players
  • Skiing down a rainbow slope
  • Basketball with magical twists
  • Gymnastics in zero gravity
  • Underwater synchronized swimming
  • Ninja obstacle course challenge
  • Horseback riding in a fairy tale race
  • Martial arts tournament with animal competitors
  • Skateboarding through a fantasy park
  • Robot Olympics
  • Roller coaster bicycle race
  • Tennis match with invisible opponents
  • Rock climbing on candy mountains
  • Surfing through dessert waves
  • Bowling with funny-shaped pins
  • Volleyball on a beach of clouds
  • Golf on a floating island
  • Ice hockey with penguin teammates
  • Archery in a mystical forest

Fashion-themed Drawing Ideas

Did you ever think to suggest drawing a robot fashion show? Think of how much fun your fashion-loving student will have with the plethora of ideas we have for you.

  • Animal runway models
  • Alien fashion from outer space
  • Superhero costume design
  • Fairy tale character outfits
  • Historical clothing time travel
  • Fantasy formal ball attire
  • Robot fashion show
  • Candy-themed clothing collection
  • Mythical creature fashion line
  • Nature-inspired outfits
  • Space explorer spacesuits
  • Magical accessories and wands
  • Inventor’s stylish lab coat
  • Shape-themed clothing line
  • Fashionable explorer gear
  • Pirate fashion on the high seas
  • Athletic wear for superheroes
  • Royalty in modern clothing
  • Costume designs for fantasy movies
  • Pop star stage outfits

Engineering-themed Drawing Ideas

From a flying car and a giant treehouse to a roller coaster and a space station blueprint, explore a new cool idea you can give for your child to draw in their sketch book.

  • Robot inventors at work
  • Futuristic cityscape design
  • Underwater tunnel construction
  • Space station blueprint
  • Magical bridge in a fantasy world
  • Roller coaster engineer’s dream ride
  • Dinosaur-themed amusement park
  • Flying car invention
  • Eco-friendly energy devices
  • Time machine schematics
  • Giant treehouse architect
  • Floating island creation
  • Robotic pet designs
  • Submarine exploration vessel
  • Jetpack and hoverboard concepts
  • Alien spaceship engineer
  • Renewable energy farm design
  • Undersea exploration vehicle
  • Sky-high suspension bridge
  • Steampunk-inspired gadgets

Geometric Shapes Drawing Ideas for When You’re bored

Drawing different shapes is a fun way to practice building small motor skills. You can come up with an optical illusion, or just use straight lines. From basic shapes to different angles and more abstract shapes, using shapes in art can produce something creative and beautiful.

  • Robot built from squares and circles
  • Colorful abstract mosaic
  • Rocket ship using triangles and rectangles
  • Animal characters made with polygons
  • Rainbow using semicircles
  • Castle built from cubes and cylinders
  • Mandala designs using circles
  • Fish collage using triangles
  • Cityscape with skyscrapers using rectangles
  • Flower garden from circles and ovals
  • Tessellating animals with hexagons
  • Space scene using spheres and cubes
  • Train made with rectangles and circles
  • Robot army using various shapes
  • Car race track from squares and curves
  • Butterfly wings using symmetry and triangles
  • Origami-inspired animals from folded shapes
  • Fish tank with fish made from diamonds
  • Jungle scene using triangles and rectangles
  • House blueprint with polygons and squares

Drawing Ideas Based on Favorite Characters

Use this list of drawing ideas for when your bored as a springboard of inspiration. You can draw your favorite game characters or comic book characters. Check out this great list of drawing ideas.

  • Create a new adventure for your favorite superhero.
  • Draw your favorite cartoon character in a different outfit.
  • Imagine your favorite video game character in a different world.
  • Design a new pet for your favorite movie character.
  • Draw your favorite fairy tale character as a modern kid.
  • Create a comic strip featuring your beloved characters.
  • Imagine your favorite character meeting characters from another show.
  • Draw your favorite character as a cute baby or chibi version.
  • Design a new sidekick for your favorite hero.
  • Create a poster for a movie starring your favorite characters.
  • Draw your favorite character celebrating a birthday party.
  • Imagine your favorite characters in a different time period.
  • Design a new vehicle for your favorite character to ride.
  • Draw your favorite character on vacation in a far-off place.
  • Create a scene where your favorite characters team up.
  • Imagine your favorite characters as animals.
  • Design a new outfit for your favorite character.
  • Draw your favorite character solving a mystery.
  • Imagine your favorite characters switching powers for a day.
  • Create a fan art mashup with characters from different shows.

We hope you’ve been inspired to draw some cool things!