Farm Notebook – Companion to Farm Anatomy by Julia Rothman

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In the Farm Notebook, students will use a combination of written narration, drawing, and labeling alongside Farm Anatomy: The Curious Parts and Pieces of Country Life by Julia Rothman to learn all about soil, farm animals, plants, country crafts, and much more.

162 black & white pages

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Farm Notebook - Companion to Farm Anatomy by Julia Rothman

Many homeschooling families incorporate the study of farm life into their lessons. We have enjoyed using Farm Anatomy in our studies and have referred to it often for reference, as the beautiful hand-drawn sketches bring the world of the farm to life, even if you live in the city.

Because Farm Anatomy is a popular book found on many homeschool shelves, we have created a notebook to accompany it, with the publisher’s permission.

Farm Anatomy is a secular book and our companion notebook can be used with any worldview (see note below). Although this notebook is very flexible and can be adapted for younger and older children, it is best suited to grades 3-8.

This notebook will follow along with the topics in the book and include places for written narration of information read, sketches of objects found on the farm, labeling and diagramming, and more.

We have included links throughout the Farm Notebook for extra free printables and resources to expand your study on individual topics.

Learn more about Farm Anatomy and the other books in the series by visiting the publisher’s website.


We also have notebook companions for other volumes in the Julia Rothman Series. Click here to view them.

2 reviews for Farm Notebook – Companion to Farm Anatomy by Julia Rothman

  1. Yvie

    Our middle schooler LOVES animals and working outdoors on our hobby farm…but he’s not a huge fan of school. We purchased Farm Anatomy and this accompanying workbook, and he was actually asking to do it! This workbook helps walk you through the Julia Rothman text – you’ll definitely need it – letting student re-create drawings and write notes from the text to help reinforce concepts covered.

  2. Lucy Wallis

    We are homesteaders and have farm animals. I’ve had the Julia Rothman series on our bookself for a long time, but struggled to incorporate it into our homeschool day in a way that would engage my kids. This is it! Thank you for making these companion guides.

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