Build Your Own U.S. Geography Curriculum

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Do your students thrive with notebooking? Maybe you are looking for something that will excite them more than textbooks and worksheets?

We offer a wide selection of U.S. geography notebook companions and other resources that allow you to use the best living geography books to teach your kids about the U.S.A. You can mix-and match-notebooks and geography resources to create the perfect course for your kids.

The more you buy, the more you save!

Each publisher-approved Notebook Companion™ accompanies a gorgeous geography book, sold separately. Daily Skill Building: U.S. Geography is an all-inclusive, stand-alone resource, and the U.S. State Study Resource Pack Bundle is a valuable add-on to any study of the United States.

This is a digital only resource.

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Notebooking Through The 50 States

Looking for a new way to explore the United States? Notebooking Through the 50 States is the perfect resource for homeschoolers looking to learn about the people, cities, nature, and historic events that have helped shape America.

Pairing our Notebook Companion™ with The 50 States (sold separately), students will explore fun facts about each state and other details including the capital, state bird, flower and tree, statehood order, and more.

Grade 3 and up | 162 black and white pages | SAMPLE


The 50 States Adventure Notebook

Are you ready to explore adventures across the USA? Look no further than The 50 States Adventure Notebook!

With this Notebook Companion™ to 50 Adventures in 50 States (sold separately), students can explore the best outdoor adventure activities in each of the 50 states, and learn about each state along the way.

Grade 3 and up | 164 black and white pages | SAMPLE


The People of the United States Notebook

Looking for a product that helps students learn about the people who call the United States home? Look no further than The People of the United States Notebook!

Pairing our Notebook Companion™ with We Are the United States (sold separately), students will learn about the different states, the people who live there, and the variety of cultures and backgrounds across the country.

Grade 3 and up | 179 black and white pages | SAMPLE


The Weird and Wonderful 50 States Notebook

Are you ready to learn about the quirky and unique features of the 50 states?

Using The Weird and Wonderful 50 States Notebook, a companion to Only In America (sold separately), students can explore unusual records, weird laws, and quirky landmarks that make each state truly one-of-a-kind.

Grade 3 and up | 167 black and white pages | SAMPLE


Famous Landmarks of the U.S.A.

Students will notebook their way through more than 350 famous landmarks and historic places across all fifty states in the U.S.A. plus complete mapwork assignments and more in this engaging Notebook Companion™ to the Children’s Atlas of the U.S.A. by Master Books, sold separately.

Grades 3 and up | 371 black & white pages | SAMPLE


National Parks Notebook - A Notebook Companion™ for National Parks of the U.S.A.

There’s nothing quite like the wonder you can feel when you explore one of the breathtaking national parks in the United States. Now your kids can experience some of it even if you can’t go to the parks.

National Parks Notebook: Exploring the National Parks of the U.S.A. is a Notebook Companion™ to National Parks of the U.S.A. (sold separately). This publisher-approved Notebook Companion™ is just what you need to help you get the most of this incredible book in your homeschool.

Includes National Park Fact Cards!

Grades 3 and up | 173 black and white pages | 26 pages of fact cards (color fronts) | SAMPLE


Daily Skill Building: U.S. Geography

It’s time for a field trip around the USA! No chaperones needed!

Finally, an easy-to-use U.S. geography curriculum designed in a simple, open-and-go format that doesn’t require a teacher’s guide. Clearly navigated with no rest stops, your student will develop independent learning skills while staying engaged.

Daily Skill Building: U.S. Geography was created with busy homeschool moms like you in mind – no teacher guide is needed. All-inclusive with answers, cheat sheets, fact cards, and more.

Grades 3 and up | 145 pages, 164 resource pack pages | SAMPLE | SAMPLE RESOURCE PACK


U.S. State Study Resource Pack Bundle

Do you want to bring your U.S. geography study to life like never before? Travel the 50 states with this robust bundle overflowing with nearly 400 pages of fun state study material. Print just the parts you need.

The U.S. State Study Resource Pack Bundle covers state flags, state birds, state flowers, and state trees. This easy-to-use bundle of U.S. state study worksheets and fact cards offers the flexibility to explore each state in the order or time frame that fits your current study.

392 pages: 112 color; 280 b&w | SAMPLE


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