World of Beetles – A Notebook Companion™ for A Beetle Is Shy

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Beetles can be found on every continent on Earth except Antarctica. They can be colossal or tiny, shiny or drab, poisonous or harmless. Help your kids learn about dozens of these amazing creatures with World of Beetles.

World of Beetles is a Notebook Companion™ to A Beetle Is Shy by Dianna Hutts Aston, sold separately.

For grades K-3 | Primary dashed lines for beginning writers | 41 black & white pages | This is a digital only resource.

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World of Beetles - A Notebook Companion™ for A Beetle Is Shy


Get ready for an adventure into the world of creepy crawlies! We’ve made it easy for you to dive right in. There is no prep-work to worry about. Just grab a copy of A Beetle Is Shy (sold separately) and World of Beetles and work at the pace that is right for you.

A Beetle Is Shy is a beautiful book full of life-like illustrations of dozens of beetles. Your students will have fun drawing, sketching, and labeling illustrations of the beetles they learn about. They’ll also learn about camouflage, the life cycle of a beetle, different ways beetles move, how people in various countries use beetles, and much more.

What’s Included

Students will practice written narration as they answer our open-ended questions about what they are learning. They will use the book to draw and color all sorts of beetles. Students will learn about dozens of beetles, from the beautiful to the gross. Explore diggers, runners, hoppers, and swimmers. Learn which beetles are harmful and which ones are helpful, and so much more. Bonus coloring pages are also included!

Students will learn about and draw beetles such as the:

  • Acorn Weevil
  • Arrow-Poison Beetle
  • Blister Beetle
  • Boll Weevil
  • Bombardier Beetle
  • Bumelia Borer
  • Cobalt Milkweed Beetle
  • Convergent Lady Beetle
  • Dead-Nettle Leaf Beetle
  • Emerald Ash Borer
  • Feather-Horned Beetle
  • Firefly
  • Golden Target Beetle
  • Green Tiger Beetle
  • North American Featherwing Beetle
  • Pigweed Flea Beetle
  • Rainbow Scarab Beetle
  • Rainbow Stag Beetle
  • Red-Speckled Jewel Beetle
  • Rosalia Longicorn
  • Soldier Beetle
  • Spider Beetle
  • Spotted Tortoise Beetle
  • Striped Cucumber Beetle
  • Titan Beetle
  • Wasp Beetle
  • Water-Gliding Rove Beetle
  • and more!

A Beetle Is Shy by Dianna Hutts Aston

We truly love the way the beauty of nature is displayed throughout the award-winning series Family Treasure Nature Encyclopedias. Written by Dianna Hutts Aston and illustrated by Sylvia Long, your children in grades K-3 will surely delight in this gentle introduction to nature study. Students will learn about dozens of beetles from the flea beetle to bombardier beetles. Discover the beauty of these creepy crawlies in all their splendor!

A Beetle Is Shy Book by Dianna Hutts Aston
A Beetle Is Shy, ©2016 Dianna Hutts Aston, illustrations by Sylvia Long

Used with permission of Chronicle Books LLC, San Francisco. Visit

A Beetle Is Shy is a required book for our Notebook Companion™ and is sold separately. A Beetle Is Shy is available at the publisher’s website or anywhere books are sold.

Beginner’s Notebook Companion™

This beginner’s notebook is a great way to introduce kids to the idea and practice of notebooking, and you can customize it as much as you wish. It’s completely flexible, allowing for use with very young children through middle elementary grades.

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2 reviews for World of Beetles – A Notebook Companion™ for A Beetle Is Shy

  1. Stevie Spears

    My son and daughter love learning about different bugs and insects! This was perfectly paired with the book recommended. My children especially loved the different drawings section of beetles in this notebook. I love notebooking as an approach to learning and it is something my kids have always enjoyed! I am really excited to try out all the different notebooks that Daily Skill Building has to offer!

  2. Andrea Drake

    I’ve heard about notebooking, but prefer to know EXACTLY what to do before I begin, so I avoided it. I finally was enticed to get this notebook; I thought if it was guided, it would be easier than staring at a blank page! I was right! Mostly.

    My 10yo daughter enjoyed it, somewhat. It was laborious for her…I *may* have suggested that she finish the notebook in one sitting, and I later learned she will “NEVER DRAW ANOTHER BEETLE.” Maybe I should have encouraged a slower pace – I didn’t realize a notebook for a picture book would be so very involved!

    My 8yo son was thrilled! While the book was a bit prettier than what would typically attract him, he loves studying bugs & insects. Remembering my daughter’s declaration, I checked in halfway, but he was delighted to be drawing beetles, especially in place of writing!

    • Daily Skill Building

      I am glad to hear that your son enjoyed World of Beetles. I definitely wouldn’t recommend encouraging a student to complete the entire notebook in one sitting. Notebooking should be enjoyable and not something that is forced as that will give you the opposite outcome you are hoping for. It sounds like you have learned that lesson already. 😂

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