Notebooks for the Master Books Wonders of Creation Series

Master Books is a Christian faith-based homeschool curriculum company that carries many resources for each grade level and subject. There is something for early learners up through high school students. Everything that Masterbooks carries is specifically selected with a Biblical worldview in mind.

Notebook Companions for the Master Books Wonders of Creation Series - pictures of spiral notebooks and hardback books

Why Homeschool Moms love Master Books

  • Many homeschool moms love Master Books because the curriculum can be used in different ways in their homeschooling journey.
  • Master Books curriculum can be used for those that love unit studies and delight directed learning. Your child can pick out exactly what they would like to learn about.
  • When your kids are doing school on subjects that interest them, they will pay more attention and become much more involved in what they are learning.
  • Some subjects can be combined, which is great for teaching multiple children.
  • Many resources don’t require a lot of planning and creating lesson plans for your school year. Most of what you need is already in the student book.
  • This curriculum is a good fit for moms of many children because they have are short lessons, and it frees up time to work with other children.
  • You don’t have to worry about what is in the curriculum. This is a good thing for a busy mom who isn’t able to preview everything. You can trust that they are vetted and written from a Biblical perspective.

Wonders of Creation Series

A favorite among many homeschool families is the bestselling Wonders of Creation Series. This series consists of nice and sturdy hard back books with beautiful photographs and illustrations inside.

The Wonders of Creation Series series takes a different approach to science since they are written from a young earth and Creationist viewpoint. It is a perfect curriculum for parents who may worry about their children being inundated with evolution and false teachings. Everything points back to God as the creator.

These books are wonderful for kids who are bored with normal science textbooks. They can actually pick and choose exactly what they would like to study and what delights them.

There are nine books in the series to choose from, and they are geared for grades 4-8. They can be used for upper grade elementary science through middle school science. They can even be used with different grades at the same time, as each book is broken down into 3 levels of difficulty.

This set is a great addition to any homeschool library. Whatever you don’t use in one school year, can be used the next year or with different children.

They are a nice stand alone series, but moms who are looking to add more will love the notebooking companions that we have created. Our notebooks are a perfect addition to each student text book that is in the series.

What is Notebooking?

Notebooking is a great way for kids to keep track of their thoughts and what they are learning in one place. Most notebooking pages have spaces for children to do written narration and write out what they have learned. Some even include spaces to draw what they have learned.

There are many different styles of notebooking and notebooking pages that your kids can use to write information on. You can search for printables to go with what you are learning, and store them in a binder.

Notebooks like the ones that we have created are such a time saver as everything is done for you. There is no more searching for specific topics or themes to organize and put together.

Our curated notebooks go perfectly with the books they were created for. There are even page numbers to go along with the original text. They are a great asset to the books they accompany and help you to track what you are doing in your homeschool.

What are the benefits of notebooking?

Your children will stay focused as they work through the information in small, bite sized chunks. When they answer the questions it will help them with reading comprehension skills.

Written narration will help them to think through what they have read and learn to organize their thoughts out on paper.

Copywork is usually included on notebooking pages to help your children to focus on good handwriting habits.

Children that get overwhelmed easily will find notebooking a breath of fresh air. It is fun with short open-ended questions to encourage written narration, charts to fill out and lots of space to draw, create and make it their very own.

When their notebook is complete they will have a true masterpiece to look back on as well as a nice record of what they have learned.

Notebooks for the Master Books Wonders of Creation Series

Enhance your children’s learning of God’s design and His wonderful creation with our Notebook Companions. Each notebook includes open-ended questions to encourage written narration, drawing and labeling activities, plus vocabulary fact cards.

No teacher guide is needed. The notebooks are an easy open-and-go resource that are great for independent work.

Charlotte Mason moms will enjoy the written narration opportunities and handwriting practice for their children. The short-answer questions will help students that may get overwhelmed with larger writing assignments.

Each notebook accompanies the text book by the same name and is written to pair perfectly with it. It even lists the page numbers of the text to read along with the notebooking pages. Answer keys are not needed as the child just follows along with the text.

The beginning of each notebook includes a list of bonus printable resources we have compiled to further your learning.

Ready to print vocabulary flash cards are available at the end of the notebook. These cards can be used as spelling words, for fun games and more.

There are nine books in the Master Books Wonder of Creation Notebook Set.

You can pick and choose the books and notebook companions separately, or save a lot of money when you purchase them as a set.

The Archaeology Student Notebook

Your budding archaeologists will have a blast learning about archaeology in this archaeological notebooking adventure. This is the companion notebook for The Archaeology Book.

It explores Biblical history and archaeology science together. There are even scripture verses that accompany the lessons, included for copywork.

The Astronomy Student Notebook

Study the heavenly bodies of God’s world and learn about the sun, planets, moon and stars with this engaging astronomical notebooking adventure. The questions accompany the text, along with tables and charts for your children to fill out.

Students will enjoy drawing the different planets, labeling illustrations and astronomy tools while summarizing what they have drawn.

The Minerals Student Notebook

This geological notebooking adventure will teach your children about minerals and how to identify them. They will learn about mining, minerals in the Bible, and how to start their very own mineral collection.

Rock collectors will be very excited by this fun book and they will enjoy drawing and labeling stones and mining equipment.

The Caves Student Notebook

On this speleological notebooking adventure children will discover how caves were formed from a Creationist viewpoint. Learn how caves were used throughout history and what can be found in them.

Find out what it takes to be a cave explorer and have fun illustrating and labeling the different living organisms that can be found in caves.

The Ocean Student Notebook

Discover the wonders of what lives under the surface of the water in this oceanological notebooking adventure. Students will learn about the geography of the ocean’s floor, the life that lives in the ocean and so much more.

Your kids will have fun with the map activities, as well as drawing and labeling unique sea creatures and ocean life. If you live anywhere near an ocean or love learning about ocean animals this notebook is a great addition.

The Ecology Student Notebook

If you have kids who love nature and learning about our environment, they will have lots of fun on this ecological notebooking adventure.

They will learn about the relationships between living organisms and how they can be better citizens and take care of our planet. Scripture verses for copywork and drawing and labeling will keep them engaged in what they are reading in the text.

The Fossils Student Notebook

Students will enjoy learning about fossils from a creationist standpoint in this paleontological notebooking adventure. Kids who love dinosaurs and exploring are going to have a great time with this notebooking unit.

Learn about fossils and the Flood, how fossils are preserved, what creatures have been found in fossils,  and even draw fossils.

The Geology Student Notebook

Learn all about our planet and its wonderful shapes and sizes, rock formations, and even how the Grand Canyon was formed.

Your children will get to label the Earth’s crust, learn about, ice, erosion, fossilization and the age of the dinosaurs all with a Biblical young Earth viewpoint.

The Weather Student Notebook

Are your children always asking you questions about the weather? Are they fascinated by storms and tracking weather? This is a unique science subject that your kids will have a lot of fun learning about.

They will learn some pretty big weather vocabulary words with fact cards, weather charting, journaling and more in this fun, meteorological notebooking adventure.