Learning About Wolves – A Gail Gibbons Notebook Companion™

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Wolves are beautiful, majestic, and even sometimes scary creatures. Your students can learn all about gray wolves and how they live with Learning About Wolves, a Notebook Companion™ to Wolves by Gail Gibbons, sold separately.

For grades K-3 | Primary dashed lines for beginning writers | 54 black & white pages | This is a digital only resource.

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Learning About Wolves - A Gail Gibbons Notebook Companion™


Let’s discover more about the incredible gray wolf with Learning About Wolves. There’s no prep-work or planning needed. Just get a copy of Wolves (sold separately) and Learning About Wolves and dig in!

The book and Notebook Companion™ look at types of wolves, where they live, parts of their body, how they track prey, how they live in packs, how they care for each other, how wolves communicate, how they take care of their young, how some people protect wolves, and more.

Students will practice written narration as they answer our open-ended questions about what they are learning. They’ll also get to draw, sketch, and label various illustrations of wolves, their methods of communication, and more. Bonus coloring pages are also included!

Wolves by Gail Gibbons

Our publisher-approved Notebook Companion™ accompanies Wolves by Gail Gibbons.

Learn all about gray wolves (or timber wolves) and how they hunt in large, 500 square mile territories. Discover how leaders of the pack mate for life and how they work together to hunt and share food, as well as protect each other.

Gail Gibbons uses bright, colorful illustrations that teach kids so much about not just gray wolves, but also the red wolf.

Wolves by Gail Gibbons

Wolves is a required book for our Notebook Companion™ and is sold separately. Wolves by Gail Gibbons is available at the publisher’s website or anywhere books are sold.

Beginner’s Notebook Companion™

This beginner’s notebook is a great way to introduce kids to the idea and practice of notebooking, and you can customize it as much as you wish. It’s completely flexible, allowing for use with very young children through middle elementary grades.

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1 review for Learning About Wolves – A Gail Gibbons Notebook Companion™

  1. Katherine Tanyu

    I love the drawing space where the student is asked to draw the wolves showing their emotions. The drawing prompts are very creative and are a great way to learn about this beautiful creature. I never knew there are a lot of things to learn about wolves! So much to do and so much to learn! I am excited to start this with my child and get to know this majestic animal. He has been reading about dogs, especially with the addition of a new pet in the family. I think this “Learning About” series is brilliant–they dive deeply into the animal. I highly recommend this to kindergarten and younger elementary students.

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