Learning About Hurricanes – A Gail Gibbons Notebook Companion™

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Hurricanes can be very powerful and dangerous storms. They can also be scary, which is why it’s important for kids to understand how they form, how they work, and how families can be prepared for one if it makes landfall. Learning About Hurricanes, a Notebook Companion™ to Hurricanes! by Gail Gibbons (sold separately) is the perfect tool to teach them all this and more.

For grades K-3 | Primary dashed lines for beginning writers | 59 black & white pages | This is a digital only resource.

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Learning About Hurricanes - A Gail Gibbons Notebook Companion™


Most of us hear hurricanes mentioned each year on the news, but how much do our kids really understand about hurricanes? Learning About Hurricanes is a great way to introduce kids to what causes these storms, the scientists who study them, and much more.

You don’t have to mess with prep-work. Just get a copy of Hurricanes! (sold separately) and Learning About Hurricanes and follow them together at a pace that fits your family.

The book and Notebook Companion™ look at how hurricanes form, where most hurricanes develop, the difference in the categories of hurricanes and what type of damage each kind of storm can bring, how scientists monitor hurricanes, some historic hurricanes, and more.

Students will practice written narration as they answer our open-ended questions about what they are learning. They’ll also get to draw, sketch, and label various illustrations of the parts of a hurricane, categories of hurricanes, and much more. Bonus coloring pages are also included!

Students will learn about words and concepts related to hurricanes and hurricane formation such as:

  • cumulonimbus clouds
  • evaporation
  • condensation
  • eye
  • eyewall
  • Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale
  • storm surge
  • evacuate
  • meteorologists
  • Hurricane Hunters
  • hurricane watch
  • hurricane warning
  • cyclone
  • typhoon

Hurricanes! by Gail Gibbons

Our publisher-approved Notebook Companion™ accompanies Hurricanes! by Gail Gibbons.

Help your students in grades K-3 learn about hurricnaes, how they form, and much more with Hurricanes! by Gail Gibbons. This book helps kids understand what a hurricane is and all about them in this colorful book, perfect for kids!

Hurricanes! by Gail Gibbons

Hurricanes! is a required book for our Notebook Companion™ and is sold separately. Hurricanes! by Gail Gibbons is available at the publisher’s website or anywhere books are sold.

Beginner’s Notebook Companion™

This beginner’s notebook is a great way to introduce kids to the idea and practice of notebooking, and you can customize it as much as you wish. It’s completely flexible, allowing for use with very young children through middle elementary grades.

If you want to teach your students about weather and natural disasters in grades 3 and up or expand upon it, check out our Weather Notebook Companion™ for Master’s Books The New Weather Book.

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4 reviews for Learning About Hurricanes – A Gail Gibbons Notebook Companion™

  1. Denise Rodriguez

    We recently moved to Florida and the kids experienced their first Hurricane shortly after settling into our new home. This has been the perfect Notebook Companion to go along with the book Hurricanes! by Gail Gibbons. I was prepared for my kids to be hesitant to learn about Hurricane’s, however the questions and the book are very informative and were easy for them to understand. They did not find anything scary, difficult to understand, or worrisome afterwards. They enjoyed the coloring pages at the end of the Notebook Companion and we laminated the Prepare for a Hurricane pages after they were done filling in the information and drawing on them. If I could give this more than 5 stars I would!

  2. Melanie Zorr

    Gail Gibbon’s book Hurricanes has so much information! How does your kindergartner-3rd graders process all this goodness? This notebook companion has awesome questions about each page of the book. There is ample room for kids to write or draw out their answers. The notebook companion covers language arts, handwriting, history, science, just to name a few. My younger elementary students are excited for a notebooking journal just for them. I am loving learning new things along with my younger children. This is such a great way to start the notebooking process. For added fun, there are even some coloring pages included at the very end of the notebook companion. I will be doing this with my preschooler and 2nd grader with in the next month. They are both so excited!

  3. Lynn

    This notebook companion pairs brilliantly with Gail Gibbons’ “Hurricanes!” The activities are varied and engaging and include comprehension questions, open-ended questions and drawing, mapping, sketching and labelling activities, all of which will help to consolidate learning of this fascinating topic! Some of the areas of study covered include the formation of a hurricane, parts of a hurricane, hurricane warnings, the hurricane wind scale, hurricane damage, significant hurricanes of the past, what meteorologists do, cyclones, typhoons, naming hurricanes and preparing for a hurricane, i.e. lots of different interesting facts! My children are currently enjoying another one of the Gail Gibbons notebook companions on weather (“Tornadoes!”), specifically the mix of writing and creative drawing activities, and this one follows the same format, so I am sure they will love it too.

  4. Katherine Tanyu

    The text Hurricanes! contains information and things to learn that a notebooking companion is handy. The writing spaces in Learning About Hurricanes are big enough for youngsters to scribble on, and the discussion questions are easy to understand. You can spread the text over several weeks with the number of questions and drawing activities included.

    The value of Learning About Hurricanes is in the fact that the lesson planning has been laid out for us parents. We can just enjoy the text with our little ones and crack open the notebooking companion after reading the day’s text.

    I especially like the discussion questions. However, there are also coloring pages at the end for your more visual kid. Hurricanes! and Learning About Hurricanes are recommended for 4 to 7 years old.

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