Learning About Ladybugs – A Gail Gibbons Notebook Companion™

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Ladybugs live almost everywhere! You can help your kids learn about some of the many different types of ladybugs, how they live, and much more with Learning About Ladybugs, a Notebook Companion™ to Ladybugs by Gail Gibbons, sold separately.

For grades K-3 | Primary dashed lines for beginning writers | 44 black & white pages | This is a digital only resource.

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Learning About Ladybugs - A Gail Gibbons Notebook Companion™


Discover amazing facts about the tiny beetles that have a big job to do with Learning About Ladybugs. Kids can learn about the parts of a ladybug’s body and what the parts do, some of the different types of ladybugs, where ladybugs live, the stages in the life cycle of a ladybug, how a ladybug protects itself, how ladybugs help us, and more!

You don’t have to do any prep work. Just grab a copy of Ladybugs (sold separately) and Learning About Ladybugs and explore them together at the speed that works for you.

Students can sharpen their written narration skills as they answer open-ended questions about what they are learning. They’ll also get to draw, sketch, and label various illustrations of different types of ladybugs, their life cycle, and more. Bonus coloring pages are also included!

Ladybugs by Gail Gibbons

Our publisher-approved Notebook Companion™ accompanies Ladybugs by Gail Gibbons.

Your kids will delight in learning all about ladybugs through bright illustrations, diagrams, and text that is easy-to-read for young readers. Along the way kids are introduced to biology vocabulary and will explore the different markings and colors of various ladybug varieties from around the world.

Learn about the ladybug’s lifecycle, habitat, diet, behavior, and how they work to protect crops from insects.

Ladybugs by Gail Gibbons

Ladybugs is a required book for our Notebook Companion™ and is sold separately. Ladybugs by Gail Gibbons is available at the publisher’s website or anywhere books are sold.

Beginner’s Notebook Companion™

This beginner’s notebook is a great way to introduce kids to the idea and practice of notebooking, and you can customize it as much as you wish. It’s completely flexible, allowing for use with very young children through middle elementary grades.

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2 reviews for Learning About Ladybugs – A Gail Gibbons Notebook Companion™

  1. Denise Rodriguez

    We ordered Ladybug Larvae and the books and curriculum that went along with it fell flat for my children. The notebook companion went above and beyond what we had expected to learn about ladybugs after recieving our larvae. Having the notebook companion really made the experience memorable. The kids enjoyed being able to learn so much along the way as opposed to just waking up everyday to see what would happen.

  2. Katherine Tanyu

    I love this “Learning About” series! Your child can readily become an expert on an animal by reading the cute companion book and going through these notebooking pages. In Ladybug, your little entomologist will learn about the insect’s anatomy, the kinds of ladybugs, its life cycle, its enemies in the wild and how it defends itself, and ways ladybugs are helpful to humans. There are pages and pages of discussion questions and drawing boxes. Since this notebook is recommended for kindergarten to grade 3, the words are very easy to understand and follow with big lines for writing on. I am very much interested in how children will draw the six different kinds of ladybugs. In the last part, coloring pages can certainly keep the smaller children entertained. The price is quite affordable given that this notebook is so meaty!

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