Learning About Rain – A Gail Gibbons Notebook Companion™

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Whether your kids live a place that gets lots of rain or very little, they’ll discover all sorts of fascinating facts about this necessary part of life with Learning About Rain, a Notebook Companion™ to It’s Raining! by Gail Gibbons, sold separately.

For grades K-3 | Primary dashed lines for beginning writers | 51 black & white pages | This is a digital only resource.

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Learning About Rain - A Gail Gibbons Notebook Companion™


Kids can learn about the water cycle, how rain forms, different kinds of clouds and the type of rain they produce, how much rain different parts of the world receive, and much more. You don’t have to worry about prep-work! Just get a copy of It’s Raining! (sold separately) and Learning About Rain and work at the pace that fits your family.

The book and Notebook Companion™ also look at different kinds of rainstorms, flash floods, acid rain, safety tips for thunderstorms and floods, what happens when there isn’t enough rain, and more.

Students will practice written narration as they answer our open-ended questions about what they are learning. They’ll also get to draw, sketch, and label various illustrations related to the water cycle and rainstorms. Bonus coloring pages are also included!

Students will learn about words and topics related to rain such as:

  • the water cycle
  • water vapor
  • water droplets
  • condensation
  • groundwater
  • runoff
  • raindrops
  • stratus clouds
  • nimbostratus clouds
  • cumulus clouds
  • cumulonimbus clouds
  • drizzle
  • shower
  • thunderstorm
  • lightning
  • thunder
  • flash flood
  • evacuate
  • acid rain
  • hydro power
  • wind power
  • solar power
  • rainbow
  • fog
  • drought
  • monsoon
  • freezing rain

It’s Raining! by Gail Gibbons

Our publisher-approved Notebook Companion™ accompanies It’s Raining! by Gail Gibbons.

Kids will be delighted to learn what rain is, why it’s necessary, and where it comes from. Gail Gibbons also takes children through storms, teaching them all about the components of stormy weather.

It’s Raining! by Gail Gibbons

It’s Raining! is a required book for our Notebook Companion™ and is sold separately. It’s Raining! by Gail Gibbons is available at the publisher’s website or anywhere books are sold.

Beginner’s Notebook Companion™

This beginner’s notebook is a great way to introduce kids to the idea and practice of notebooking, and you can customize it as much as you wish. It’s completely flexible, allowing for use with very young children through middle elementary grades.

If you want to teach this topic to your students in grades 3 and up or exand upon it, check out our Weather Notebook Companion™ for Master’s Books The New Weather Book.

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3 reviews for Learning About Rain – A Gail Gibbons Notebook Companion™

  1. Melanie Zorr

    Gail Gibbon’s book It’s Raining is packed with amazing facts. It covers Science, Geography, Social Issues like what happens after a severe thunderstorm and who helps rebuild the community. The Daily Skill Building Learning About the Rain notebook companion breaks Gail Gibbon’s book down into bite size pieces of information. This is ideal for K-3rd graders, (although this companion guide can be easily adapted to other ages as well). Reading through the book, I was overawed with the amount of information included. Topics include: appropriate clothing during a rainstorm, types of clouds, the water cycle, huge vocabulary words such as Precipitation and Meteorologist, flash flood, and many other topics. We will be using this in our weather unit with my 2nd grader and Kindergartner. I am looking forward to checking out the many other products the team at the Daily Skill Building comes out with!

  2. Lynn

    Gail Gibbons’ book, “It’s Raining”, and this accompanying notebook companion are full of so many different interesting things to learn about rain! Areas covered include why we need rain, the water cycle, different types of rain and rainclouds, storms and staying safe during a thunderstorm, how lightning is formed, the average yearly rainfall around the world, what meteorologists do, renewable energy, acid rain, flash floods, drought and rainbows, etc. The activities in the notebook companion are a perfect mix of questions to answer and drawing/illustrating and will help your child to understand and retain all the information in the book. The noteboook companion is very easy to use (open and go) and can be adapted for the age and ability of your learner (helpful notes on notebooking are included at the start). I recommend both the book and notebook companion – they are great home education/homeschool science resources!

  3. Katherine Tanyu

    It’s Raining! Is an excellent book for a budding meteorologist. Who would have known that lots of things can be learned from such a simple topic/phenomenon and turned into a myriad of science lessons? The notebooking companion Learning About Rain organizes all the information from the text.

    I like that the questions posed are easy to understand–perfect for elementary-aged pupils. There are spaces for drawing at the end. I am intrigued by how a young child would draw freezing rain!

    Coloring pages are also included–maybe your really young kids would like to color while you read? There are many age-appropriate activities that I think middle schoolers (and also the very young) can also benefit from this notebook.

    If you are just starting out notebooking, Learning About Rain is definitely a gentle way to begin. You can dictate and act out as your child’s scribe–there is no pressure in notebooking “correctly”.

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